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  1. The four teams going to the Big 12 all won. How did you guys do at Airbnb stadium?
  2. It’s been 1,749 days since that happened. Nice try little brother…
  3. Not to mention Nathan isn’t winning any diet contests.
  4. The best part of this post is the ignorance to history. Go see pictures of the Orange Bowl, a complete dump but without it UM would be nothing. Look at Doak Campbell, built just like UCF’s stadium with a a brick facade and some cement added later. There are hundreds of stadiums built the same way. The Bounce House nickname has done more for UCF than anything USF has ever done in its entire sports history. Those are facts.
  5. Allow me to do add my thoughts to this topic as I do feel it’s the single most important factor to usf athletics. As a UCF season ticket holder for over 30 years, I can tell you UCF had no choice but to build their stadium. There were about 30 boosters that were screaming at UCF constantly about this topic weekly. For me it was the Florida classic that was the final straw. That game was held at the end of the season and those of us that paid enough to have reserve parking at the Citrus Bowl would show up to our dedicated parking spots only to be turned away by OPD and see vendors selling merchandise for the Florida Classic in those same spots we paid for. Even though UCF played on that field six times a year, the field was painted for the Florida Classic and UCF had to play in it. I distinctly remember this for Daunte Culpepper’s last game and it pissed me off. The renovation of the Citrus Bowl was just the last straw, UCF was going to leave the Citrus Bowl and that was just a matter of time. The City of Orlando was not a good partner to UCF. For usf to survive they must have an on campus stadium, there is no alternative. I’ve watched usf and their fans trash the Bounce House over the years and I’ve just laughed at them. Maybe it’s just jealousy but it’s not about how nice the stadium is, it’s about the campus. No one cares about metal or rust when they are showing aerial views of a full on campus stadium. Pro stadiums off campus stadiums can’t compete, when was the last time Pitt or Miami had a good fan turnout?
  6. Well Brad that is your viewpoint, I know two members of the Fiesta bowl committee through work. One is on the marketing committee. He knows UCF very well and has said to me UCF by far is the best of the G5 schools when they have to take one. He went in to say they preferred UCF over closer G5 schools because the UCF fan base is a proven traveler.
  7. Two Fiesta Bowls in four years, sorry Brad, you’re wrong.
  8. UCF played in front of 85,000 + SEC fans, USF played in front of 100,000 Big Ten fans. No amount of noise by either side will bother either team.
  9. No Mike, you don't get it. Its about fans and money. Tell me a game where USF will get over 40,000. All we heard about FAMU was 50,000 plus and that was with a large media blitz, guess what, 38,000. You don't want to admit it, USF is no different than UCF, we live in Gator and Seminole towns. Without rivals, you have nothing. I don't know your background in college football, but I can tell you that rivals last. USF does not want to admit that it is/could be a good rivalry, but the fans seem to think differently. Tell me this, sure UCF is bringing 7,000 to 10,000 people, but how many USF students will show up for this game? I would not expect someone in Detroit to understand Florida college football, but its very obvious, even to you. You and your school just does not want to admit it.
  10. USF has never beaten a Div 1 team as a Big East member. So there.
  11. Who the hell cares what he says, it will be determined by fans. If Leavitt drops this game and there are 45,000 plus people there, he will look the fool.
  12. I would but, I would imagine you guys will be leaving the game much earlier than I am.
  13. OOhhhhhhhh I just don't know about that. Its so inviting and everything, but I already have a lot of friends, I just don't need more. Sorry.
  14. Hill was offered by Miami, to play WR. He said he wanted to be a QB, USF was the only school who said he could be a QB. Yup. Six? They are tranfers, hell, that does not count. Demarcus Johnson 4 stars Chad Mascoe 4 stars Roy Williams 4 stars Those were all JUCO tranfers with four stars, all in one year. Guess what, only one turned out to be anything. Much like Denson, nothing is guarenteed.
  15. Hey, I just said the truth. If some kid did not know about a the second largest school in the state, it does not say much for the kies school now does it.
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