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  1. Always lose. There is only 1 situation in which I would want them to win, and that would be for them to knock out another division team, resulting in us winning the conference division.
  2. That bs tripping penalty changed the whole flow of the game.
  3. bullman3

    McCants Thread for GT

    GT defenders will be asking McCants for a ride to help them cool off.
  4. bullman3

    New USF Truck

    Looks terrible. Should have stuck with the previous.
  5. Lol, got me!! Gilbert!!
  6. Problem is, Sterling Griffin doesn't know what a play action bootleg is!!
  7. bullman3

    2018 AP Preseason Rankings

    Yet he is quick to add UCF and fau this year, based on the same thing he refused to acknowledge last year. What a tool.
  8. bullman3

    Another Position Change

    I was looking forward to him at wr, I had him as my breakout player this year. I likened his speed to Rodney Adams.
  9. They need to lower their prices. That place is way overpriced!!
  10. bullman3

    The thrill is gone....

    The stadium is way too big for the crowds we get, which perpetuates the lack of attendance. If we were in a smaller venue, it would do several things, reduce supply, increase demand, create better atmosphere etc.
  11. I agree, this was a successful program back in the 90s. Might be time for a coaching change.
  12. Kean might as well transfer now.
  13. bullman3

    AAC Tournament

    We suck. Typical USF to flop in the tournament or post season.
  14. Flights are $200 rt right now. You could go up Saturday morning and come home Sunday. Hotel will be $100 or less by the airport, but more downtown, car rental $40, or use the train. Game tickets will be around $50.
  15. Doesn't take long to learn the half back dive!