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  1. bullman3

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    I agree, this was a successful program back in the 90s. Might be time for a coaching change.
  2. Kean might as well transfer now.
  3. bullman3

    AAC Tournament

    We suck. Typical USF to flop in the tournament or post season.
  4. bullman3

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Flights are $200 rt right now. You could go up Saturday morning and come home Sunday. Hotel will be $100 or less by the airport, but more downtown, car rental $40, or use the train. Game tickets will be around $50.
  5. Doesn't take long to learn the half back dive!
  6. The delusional gnats are only embarrassing themselves by claiming something that no one outside of Oviedo acknowledges, including the head coach who was in charge. Tcu needs to add a banner and change their history books too.... 2010 TCU The Horned Frogs did everything you could have asked. They went 13-0, led the nation in scoring defense, beat top-10 Utah by 40 points, won the Rose Bowl, and thoroughly dominated their conference.
  7. bullman3

    P Pablo Garabitos

    I really think we should build an on campus stadium. Has anyone ever brought up the possibility??
  8. bullman3

    MBB Assistant, Dollar Leaves for Georgia

    No, he wasn't removed. He finished out at USF.
  9. Thank you!! We are looking forward to it! Go Bulls!!
  10. Have you been to Tuscon?? People who live there are either 18 or 81, nothing in between!!
  11. One started ******** at me at the airport about the refs, and then asked me, "Am I right?". I just laughed it off and said that the refs were terrible all around. They believe the non call for intentional grounding cost them the game.
  12. bullman3

    So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    My son and I are flying up from Tampa Saturday morning. Flying home after the game.
  13. bullman3


  14. bullman3

    UCF Tickets

    I'm looking for 4 as well.
  15. bullman3


    222-226. Is anyone selling tickets?