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  1. They need to put the students back on the sidelines. Maybe even behind the benches like they used to do. Death row had a lot of fun behind the visitors bench.
  2. bullman3


    Does anyone have two extra tickets to the UConn game tonight?
  3. Sorry i missed this. Hopefully I will win again another time.
  4. bullman3

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    By unforseen issues, I take it that doesn't include being a terrible oc, average recruiter or having the personality of a snail??
  5. bullman3

    Fire Gilbert petition

    And doing all those things shows you are completely satisfied with a 7-5 season, more apathy!!
  6. bullman3

    Fire Gilbert petition

    More apathy. Just do nothing then!!
  7. bullman3

    Fire Gilbert petition

    I think the petition is a good thing. USF fans have been known to be apathetic and the comments here prove it. If nothing else, it will let Kelly know that there is a large number of fans dissatisfied with the way the offense is run.
  8. Looks like there is a fire Gilbert petition on change.org https://www.change.org/p/fans-of-usf-fire-sterlin-gilbert?recruiter=919160967&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=tap_basic_share
  9. I haven't seen anything mentioned about our 3 captains keeping their hands behind the backs while walking to mid field and during the coin toss, and even after the ucf players extended their hands for a handshake. I got a chuckle over them refusing to shake hands even if it's a bit non sportsman like. Great for a rivalry game.
  10. Not sure it will even matter, but will the refs call a fair game? What do you think they've been told by the conference?
  11. bullman3

    USF Coaches

    I've been saying that for a couple of years. Ridiculous that she hasn't been fired.
  12. Agreed, it is a very sterile atmosphere. Too big for for excitement to build. USF away games get more enthusiastic because you have a ton of die hards all crammed into a couple sections and it often gets very loud.
  13. bullman3

    Watch Party

    Capognas in Clearwater Irish 31 in Westshore Big Storm in Trinity
  14. Maybe he turns out to be our own mr 2 bits. He started out as just some crazed fan trying to get people cheering in the stands around him and ended up being a uf legend doing his chant from the field, and creating a uf tradition. The wizard just needs to work with USF to figure out a way for him to get a stadium wide chant/ cheer going. Maybe a long "Goooooooo" as he does the thing with his hands for a 3-4 seconds followed by a "Bulls" as he claps his hands together. I think this could really pick up steam. The stadium PA, band and cheerleaders need to get in the same page with other cheers as well. The cheerleaders are trying to get the Green-Gold chant going while the band is playing and drowning out all attempts. Later the pa is blasting music over the band's first down, Go Bulls tune. Or a commercial plays over the band during timeouts. Who coordinates all of that? They are doing a lousy job if such a person exists.
  15. Even though it has a positive spin, it's meant as a jab and is it really newsworthy that we have a couple thousand more than last year? Is there nothing else he can write about?? Get a true scoop on something interesting!