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Everything posted by TakeItOrLeavitt

  1. They replaced him with Hopple (the VT transfer) at some point last night. And earlier in the week they said Hopple was pushing him. We may have a new RT moving foward.
  2. I like the fact that they are keeping Evans involved. They obviously think very highly of him if they built in wildcat packages for him and have him returning kicks.
  3. There were games in the Skip and Willie eras where you couldn't give away tickets and we'd have crowds half the size of last night. I was very pleasantly surprised as well.
  4. Looks to be about as good a forecast as you can hope for in FL for a mid September game. Glad it worked out. Now let's go end the losing streak!
  5. The track keeps pushing further east. Looks like it might actually lower our rain chances. Good for us. Bad for the northern Bahamas.
  6. I found out shortly after posting this that all the rain is tied to a tropical wave that had a 50% chance of forming into a storm. So I guess the conversation should be the possibility of postponement, cancellation, or maybe even moving the game up.
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but we are looking at an upwards of 80% chance of rain on Saturday. What was already expected to be a sparse crowd could be getting a lot sparser. Fingers crossed for a change because although I'll be there the last thing I want to do is watch us play SC St. in the rain. Still drying off from the Marshall game last year.
  8. Sec 129? Happened right in front of me as well.
  9. Yeah it's a hard sell. We are on a terrible slide and we're playing a FCS team. Not to mention we're playing a boring brand of football.
  10. I voted McCloud but after thinking about it I think the clear choice is Trent Schneider. He picked the slack from the offense not being able to move the ball. Consistently flipping the field.
  11. UConn has something we don't. It's called a win. And I've seen no evidence that GT is better than Illinois. I think USF is potentially better than 3-6 AAC teams but based on results I don't think it's ridiculous to rank them last or next to last right now.
  12. SCSU may be FCS but they are no slouch. They have a pretty impressive resume after two weeks. I'm sure they smell the blood in the water here. If Strong and Co. get McNeesed its game over. If McCloud gets the start and the D continues playing at a high level I predict we win by 3 TDs. 28-7.
  13. There was a good reply in the stadium that showed him going in. From what I heard the tv replays weren't great. Cronk should know better than selling out on 1st & 1 from the 1 though. Just not necessary at that point.
  14. You obviously arent listening to the post game radio show. These guys are still all about Blake. Holy crap these guys are delusional. I'm waiting for one of them to introduce themselves as Calibull.
  15. I ended up making my way over. Exactly what I was looking for. Lots of Bulls fans here. Worth the walk. Thanks for the recommendation!
  16. Yeah I parked over by rocky mountain but I thought there would be something closer to the stadium. I was wrong apparently.
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