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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156897667793429&id=35250178428 To be fair the Rays are also hosting a UF, FSU, and UT night as well as one for USF. Something about inviting the home school's conference rival in for their own special day seems a little sacrilegious to me though. I can't imagine the Orlando Magic having a USF day.
  2. Another Euro flop.. much like Kitija Laska, Maria Jesperson, Laura Ferreira, Laia Flores, Ariadna Pujol, ect. Some players pan out, some don't. It's part of sports. Whether they come from Europe, FL, NYC, Philly, or Chicago has no determining factor on that.
  3. The more I think about this game the more important I think it is to win it. With all the attention our scheduling is getting recently I believe winning this game sends a clear message to recruits and the teams we're scheduling that we mean business. We should have all the advantages of preparation heading in as well. We know their game plan. With Hornibrook transfering and Doak Walker winner Jonathan Taylor in their backfield it's a pretty safe bet to say stopping the run is paramount. It's redemption time for CCS and Brian Jean-Mary. Was last season an aberration or foreshadowing of we should expect during this tenure? It's time to put up or shut up. On the offensive side there isn't much tape to go off of to prepare for Kerwin Bell's schemes. I'm sure the talent level here is going to allow him to do things that he wasn't able to do at Valdosta St. or JU. Will we continue middling success or finally get some momentum and steam back into the program?
  4. Michigan,Ohio State, Texas (womp), and maybe Oklahoma, USC, and LSU. Ole Miss and Tennessee would probably draw well too.
  5. Obviously. My point was that if at the end of the year we are undefeated or have one loss then we need to have as good a OOC schedule as we can get. Who knows if this system can be crashed? Unlike UCF, we need to put ourselves in the best scheduling position possible in case it does happen. Prepare for success. Replacing FCS games with historically good teams from lesser conferences is a great step towards that imo. Look at the two years we currently have a FCS team on our schedule. 2019: Wisconsin, GT, BYU, S. Carolina St & 2021: NC St., UF, BYU, FAMU. Replacing SCST and FAMU with App St. or Troy doesn't look like a big deal on the surface but it would have a huge impact on s.o.s.
  6. If you're trying to earn respect a Troy or App St in place of a FCS team is the way to go. Most people in the know understand how tough those programs are. We've handled the option pretty well recently vs GT and Navy. Tulane is a hybrid offense and more of an aberration imo. Army has built a solid program and is a name that will draw. WVU was the greatest rival we've had in many people's opinions. Some great history there. ISU is honestly just a personal thing as I have a lot of family in IA and some are ISU grads. As far as the 2 for 1s? Can't you say the same thing about Bama, UF, UM, and Louisville? Regional matchups will draw and if you're recruiting local shouldn't you want to schedule the best regional programs? Regional round trips also excites your fan base. We have been historically bad against both the run and the B10. Ray Rice, Melvin Gordon, Tony Hunt ect still give me nightmares.
  7. I'd like to see 2 for 1s with LSU, UGA, FSU, Clemson. Home and aways with WVU, Iowa St, App St, Army, Troy.
  8. This would be better than last years fiasco but still a step or two below Birmingham.
  9. Anybody else notice USF WBB wished Kit a happy birthday on social media yesterday and then pulled the posts?
  10. When it translates to more than just regional burnouts year after year is when it will become very cool news for USF.
  11. Wow. That is disheartening. The narrative changes a bit now imo. That's at least four players transferring out and one maybe walking away altogether since right before the start of last season. Including one of the programs all time best. I'm not sure what all that does or doesn't mean but it's certainly worth noting.
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