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  1. DontPushMe

    Blake Barnett

    He looks the part. Still threw for over 400 yards and brought us back after an awful start. He'll be fine
  2. DontPushMe

    Polls - Week 4

    If we run the table we'd be above bsu. If we don't we aren't getting the ny6 anyway. I actually wanted bsu to win. It looks very likely that ucf will get yet another ny6 bowl while we have yet to come close.
  3. Can we just send Weiss to ohare now and pull his scholarship?
  4. Barnett having a terrible game so we decide to go air raid offense?
  5. DontPushMe

    USF vs. ACC

    Just like we did in the big east? And the aac?
  6. Dont see how we dont lose here. No ability to stop the only play they run. Punting on 4th and 1 knowing this. **** it Strong out
  7. Dont understand how this is hard to stop. You know exactly what theyre doing. This is like playing navy
  8. DontPushMe

    Marlon Mack on the mend

    Mack has a huge opportunity this year. Gore is gone and they didn't draft a rb until the 4th round this year. He will go in as the starter and as long as he plays well he should get a lot of work this year.
  9. As if this wasn't bad enough already, ucf and Louisville are about to sign a 1-1 Wtf were we doing with this 2-1