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  1. DontPushMe

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    How can strong keep his job? He is doing a full skip Holtz on our program
  2. The uf deal I have no problem with. They were never giving us a 1-1. This was the only way to get them here. Same with the Texas series. The Louisville 2-1 is one of the worst moves I have ever seen our ad make. Already terrible and made much worse when ucf got a 1-1 with them.
  3. Expansion right now would be a disaster for us. Ucf would definitely be in and no guarantees that we aren't left behind. We need them to fall off and us to turn things around. If they get into the big 12 without us they'll block us forever like we tried to do to them.
  4. DontPushMe

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    We lack the fortitude to ever do that. And if we play a schedule like ucf did this year, no we wouldn't deserve a playoff spot.
  5. DontPushMe

    Players transferring out...

    If strong isn't fired, every player should leave.
  6. He has to go. 17 passes for 35 yards. Kean is awful.
  7. DontPushMe


    He has to go. Suckling the life out of the program as badly as Holtz did. We need to end this now
  8. I don't think anyone is arguing with you man. None if us ever wanted them on our level, but they forced themselves in by being an attractive program with more success than us and we accomplished nothing in our 10 year head start on them.
  9. You can spin whatever however you want. It will make no difference. I already said your program is better I don't know what you hope to accomplish. We weren't handed a cusa invite BTW. We were already a member and had been since the metro conference. Before football was a thing our basketball and other sports were decent.
  10. No one is saying we wouldn't rather have your success. I would happily have 4 straight 0-12 seasons to have your success. Congratulations your football program is better than ours. What we are saying is we aren't interested in this conference as fans because we used to play in a far more interesting and nationally relevant conference. It's very difficult to go from that to this. Imagine if for some reason ucf was in the sun belt starting next year. Even if you continued winning as you are now, you would be far less interested than you are currently.
  11. That's really the only thing these days. I was at a bar in LA and asked for the usf game a couple of weeks ago. Bartender put it on and told me how great it is that we're undefeated. I didn't correct him.
  12. Truly terrible. If that were a running back line it would be bad. As a passing line it's unspeakably bad Many issues with the offense, bb is a check down machine and the play calling isn't helping
  13. DontPushMe

    WBB and MBB in good hands

    No one can get over that hump. His issue is poor tournament performances. The uconn games will be losses for the foreseeable future
  14. DontPushMe

    We will be back at the top..

    No chance of a bigger conference when we are performing so poorly in this ****** one. Ucf is way head of us.
  15. DontPushMe

    Where will College Game Day be next week?

    They continue to blow past us. If conference expansion happens anytime soon, they're gone and we are staying here.