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  1. Nice. Now if he can just get better at coaching football we are set.
  2. We will probably be better than them next season in Mbb, but in the past 6 or so years they have made 3 ny6 bowls, won two of them, finished ranked a few times including top 10s, won our conference a few times, and will now make the NCAA tournament, all in a span where we have done none of this. There is very little you could say about our overall athletic program that is even on par with them.
  3. Hate to break it to you but with their win at Houston, our friends to the east will be in the tournament. Further distancing their athletic program from ours.
  4. Football? Absolutely not. Mbb should be fun next year though
  5. As schools, sure, but athletically and name recognition-wise, the other way around.
  6. That shot before the half is a dagger. If we had gone to the half on a bit of a run with the lead at or under 10 I'd like our chances in the 2nd half, but I can't see a way back now.
  7. Well that is quite a margin. Just seemed like in ot they were getting quite a few offensive boards.
  8. Yeah we had a team one half away from the sweet 16 8 years ago. I wouldn't say this is best ever just yet.
  9. How can strong keep his job? He is doing a full skip Holtz on our program
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