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  1. Grew up a Bengals fan. There's definitely an opportunity for him at tight end. Uzomah is the #1, last year we spent a head scratching 2nd round pick on drew sample, he did nothing last year but you'd expect him to make the squad. The #3 te spot is wide open and was something the fans were hoping would be addressed. Team has seen a huge overhaul this off-season. Definitely won't be the worst team in the NFL this year. Hope Wilcox makes the team.
  2. Yeah unfortunately he's been really bad today. Has missed a few throws that any decent pro qb could make. And that int was awful. Needs to just be a taysom hill gadget player.
  3. Murray is awful. Puzzling that the only success they had was with q and they stop using him
  4. Well the Bengals are about to have the best qb prospect since Andrew luck so I think they're fine.
  5. They're remodeling inside aren't they? I golf the claw regularly. It's a cheap course but for what you pay it's enjoyable.
  6. No chance. This is probably a 2-3 year thing. Either he does really well and moves on, or he does poorly and is fired. The life of a group of 5 school. Ftr I think he's a great hire and will do a great job here.
  7. We look dreadful on offense but this game is there for the taking.
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