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  1. We look dreadful on offense but this game is there for the taking.
  2. What? No chance. He's proven himself to be awful at 3 schools.
  3. Sure that'd be ideal, but even if we ran the table and won the access bowl somehow, anyone looking to hire him would do their due diligence and discover him for the fraud he is.
  4. We will win 2-3 games this season including this one. I believe it's for the better. 7 wins and we might keep strong. He needs to be fired at all costs. I'd rather we have a bad season and be rid of the bald fraud.
  5. Starting to fear we won't make the college football playoff this year
  6. With you. I left during the 2nd quarter tonight. Usf football won't get another dollar from me until that pile of **** is gone.
  7. Just hope we can hang onto him for 4-5 years. If we make the ncaa tournament next year he will start getting better offers.
  8. I'm out of town for work or I'd be there. I really hope enough people take time out of their day to show support. These guys deserve it more than any usf team in years. Love this group.
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