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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

Would you consider buying a ticket or two to the raffle that will award this to you or a fellow member of the board?

Each ticket purchase goes directly to our effort to raise $10K in "fan money" for the program.  Below is the link:

The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. We should start an online petition to fire the clown. Once we reach 10k or more signatures, we can then forward to everyone in athletics department.
  2. I also ordered through the link provided.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy this year's USF soccer jersey?
  4. At least on of our athletic teams is winning and contending for a Big East Championship. Proves we can dominate in futball, too bad not football.
  5. I am sick and tired of the Sun Sentinel excluding USF Football in their college football coverage.This is a perfect example of how blatant the Sentinel is in not writing about USF. The title of the article is Monster week for college football in Sunshine State, you would expect a mention of the #20 ranked team from the state of Florida(sunshine state), NOT! http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/um-hurricanes/os-murschel-college-insider-09122011-20110911,0,2602488.column Everyone on this board needs to send Matt Murschel an email and let him know that he needs to start adding USF to his coverage - mmurschel@orlandosentinel.com
  6. 9-3 (5-2 BE) win in bowl game to finish 10-3 overall GO BULLS!
  7. I'll be there plus 3. So what place are we meeting at 11:30? Cubby Bear?
  8. I got a guy who can develop a USF iphone app,plus any other USF themed app(basketball,baseball, college, etc.). Wish USF would be interested.
  9. Team played with heart and never gave up! This team has the heart to hang tough against any opponent. We now need Gilchrist back soon to get a couple more BE wins.
  10. Isn't Florida a right to work state? Cant USF or any FL employer fire you without notice or reason? If that is the case, how can Leavitt sue?
  11. I heard from a player that the incident did happen and a majority of the team witnessed the accident...This is a serious post not a joke, the unfortunate thing is that the informant did not witness incident but was told about incident. CJL might get away with incident unless someone comes out and says that they witnessed incident with their own eyes.
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=293450222 Big East should help Villanova join football. They have a good team. Could be like Connecticut jumping to I-A after years of I-AA. It would also help our conference schedule to 8 games.
  13. Also, with WVU and USF win today - USF will finish 3rd place in big east. Would that be our best finish in BE?
  14. Question to Brad...Why are you limiting topic of discussion to one post such as "Fire Leavitt"? I thought this was a free open message board for USF fans. I understand the rules when it comes to use of language but limiting a persons discussion topic is not right, regardless if you do not agree with topic. I mean no disrespect, I would like an answer as to why you are deciding what topics can and cant be discussed. Thanks
  15. We should be rooting for Stanford to beat ND. A defeated ND team improves our chances for the Gator Bowl. Plus ND shouldn't be privileged to take one of the Big East football members bowl spot, especially when they are not part of the Big East football conference.
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