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  1. Given the fact that student athletes can profit from their likeness, would we consider redirecting potential stadium funds to "pay" for 4 star players to come play for USF? If we view USF as a brand, increasing the performance level of our team will enhance our brand and could potentially generate additional funds while still playing at Raymond James and focusing on sell outs (WVU). In this scenario I'm assuming we are selected for the Big12
  2. Why would the BIG12 commit the same mistake again with BYU regarding television rights? This is a short term fix and not a very will thought out one. It will come back to bite them in the ass.
  3. I for one agree with this, what does UCF have that puts it miles ahead of USF? both programs attract a large audience when they are doing good, and when they are not, no one pays attention to them. UCF right now is on the upswing at the right time, it's luck. If UCF does get picked, so be it. Although I won't be able to talk about competitive USF football anymore, USF has other great sports to support and more importantly, we continue on the right path to AAU with a big endowment and research programs. Also, count me in as someone that never understood the forced rivalry with UCF. Of all the schools that are rumored to leave, Cinci is the one that irks me the most. They've been with us since the C-USA days and (supposedly) are getting ready to surpass us, just like Louisville did with the ACC.
  4. I have way more hate for PITT than FSU...I want FSU to destroy PITT and their band wagon fans.
  5. To see Pitt playing in the ACC against FSU in prime time...someone please wake me up from the **** nightmare of a team and conference!!!
  6. The biggest fact is that Pitt and Cuse were approached by ESPN and the ACC to leave the Big East.
  7. Why to much optomism after lossing teams like TCU, Pitt, Syracuse and WVU. These teams CANNOT be replaced with the likes of BYU, Air Force SMU, etc... and expect not to take a financial hit when it comes to TV negotiations. If these teams were so good why were they not invited to the Big East in the first place? Big East just needs to bow out and hopefully we end up in the Big 12 with WVU.
  8. Conspiracy theory...Big East officials want USF to lose the game because they are leaving the conference. >
  9. So let's spin the news... Big East needs UCF because it needs to continue to have a presence in Florida due to USF departure.
  10. Slience is not necessarily a bad thing. When we were accepted into the Big East we were not mentioned as a serious candidate until there was an agreement sealed and delivered.
  11. I was thinking, Pitt, while descent in football was most likely chosen for their basketball, the same with Syracuse. What if, the next two teams were UConn, which would make the ACC the best basketball conference, and USF? With WVU most likely in the SEC USF is the next strongest football school left from the remaining Big East and Big 12'schools. This would satisfy both the Carolina schools and FSU. Thoughts?
  12. http://twitter.com/#!/ranriggs/status/115434017108656128 This is a good thing. hopefully the following scenario happens: Texas, TT, OU and Okie State to the Pac -12, ACC adds Uconn and Rutgers, SEC adds A&M, WVU, Mizzou and USF.
  13. Now that the ACC has (s)Pitt and Syracuse the ACC is now targeting UConn and Rutgers which may force the Big Ten to expand again. The reason is the ACC just gave the Big 10 an opportunity to destroy the Big East by adding Rutgers (this also assumes WVU is #14 to SEC) which will force Notre Dame to consider conference membership, Big 10.
  14. The only way I see USF being fine is if Big 10, Pac 12 and SEC decide to go to 16 teams. ESPN reporting that UConn and Rutgers next in line for ACC creating the first 16 team conference. Big 10 adds Miizzou and possibly Notre Dame ( now that the Big East is pretty much done) while SEC adds WVU, Texas A&m, USF and one other team. Of course this assumes PAC 12 goes to 16 with four teams from the Big12. Yesterdays quote from Genshaft and Wollard made it sound like they were prepared for this and talking to one other conference, but who?
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