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  1. One of my very good friends played for Cooper and thinks its a great hire; he thinks very highly of him. I'm on the bus
  2. Something I find interesting in regards to Taggart - he has supposedly interviewed or been mentioned with a handful of openings in the past week or two. He has not publicly accepted another position; nor has WKU held a press conference to announce they have locked him up with an extension and additional money. I realize WKU is not the biggest school...but, if your head coach is a hot commodity; you would think, at least as is customary these days, Taggart would have earned a modest raise to help keep him around. Part of me thinks things are already in the works for him (either here or somewh
  3. It would be very difficult to track flights in this way; as they relate to USF coaching search. Typically; you wont use the University Plane...you would use the Jet of one of our bigger boosters / friends of the program.Additionally, not only do you have TPA and PIE to search; there are at least 5 other airfields within 30 minute drive to USF campus. Throw in all of the awards shows, AD meetings and recruiting taking place right now; and you have no real good idea where anyone is coming or going from. Tough task without some additional inside info.
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