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  1. Maybe I’m biased but I don’t think I have ever seen a bad uniform with USF
  2. Heavy drinker here and crazy ass partying lol. However I usually watch Gasparilla by Hixon Park where I got more space
  3. Coach MB keeps his career moving forward!! Will be rooting for Houston to win the west as long as he is on their coaching staff. But hoping USF steam rolls over Houston in the AAC championship game
  4. Reminds me a little of the movie Point Break. The part when Angelo tells Utah that he is so hungry he could eat the ass end of a dead rhino
  5. Is USF in negotiations with Taco Bell to give everyone a free taco if the USF offense scores more than 17pts?
  6. Remember that time when Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime to help his team win the Bourbon Bowl?!
  7. What is done is done. Life is too short to keep looking back. Time to look forward because it is BullSpeedAhead!
  8. Bowl games don’t really gauge the conference because a lot of matchups are bs due to bowl tie ins.
  9. Great to see if the average attendance can get in 8-10k range
  10. College football postseason has been a joke for years and this year only proves it more.
  11. I feel bad for the folks running the Gasparilla Bowl as the weather made it a disaster. That a long with the USF situation made the bowl game the worst one in USF history. With that said, I foresee this bowl growing to bigger and better things in the years to come
  12. Yeah I agree with all the replies that the key is making it more about the outcome of the game. I tell people all the time that when i travel for the road games it is all about the experience and adventure. USF winning the game is icing on the cake.
  13. Just want to give thanks to all that put together last nights events at the Gasparilla Bowl. The pregame USF ulumni was fun and actually a great deal. The seat that were received for renewing early were great. Thanks all
  14. Golden Eye song is in my head this morning so GOLD!
  15. Decided to get the $50 USF tailgate as I’m heading there from work and will be easier with the weather. May be like the storm that came through before the Birmingham Bowl last year and was thankful to get the USF alumni tailgate
  16. Don’t think I ever agreed with anything he wrote.
  17. USF had better be 1st to beat UF than UCF. After all, USF has already beaten FSU and Miami.
  18. Still didn’t receive mine yet. Never got an email about UPS
  19. Undefeated?? Heck I’m gonna be happy if we get 6 or 7 wins next season. I think we are a few years away hopefully if all the right pieces fall into place.
  20. I’m thinking someone is paying it forward and hooked you up with bowl tickets. ‘‘Tis the season
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