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  1. You know what? Annapolis is an amazing place. We just got our asses whipped but I’m am very thankful to have made this road trip. Great meeting and hanging with you USF peeps! I consider you all my family. Go Bulls! Horns up!
  2. Thanks! Plan on doing that tour on Friday then hit up any USF bar crawls leading up to the Irish Pub
  3. I agree. CWT wasted two seasons trying to go smash mouth run offense only to almost get fired before he went with the Gulf Coast Offense that was a success. For some reason, CCS didn’t like the offense scoring too fast so he had Sterling slow it down. Now it looks like he is getting USF back on track with the KB hiring
  4. Try to keep your A/C around 78 if you must go lower don’t go cooler than 76. Saves tons on your bill. For your heat don’t go higher than 70.
  5. My prayers are with him. He is a great USF fan I will always be thankful for all the work he did with providing the on the field pics back in the day!
  6. I’m still trying to figure out how USF beat Tulsa last season. That was pure luck. USF is a better team than last season.
  7. That is awesome!! USF fans sure know how to party! Go Bulls!
  8. I think the weather will feel great! Will feel like Fall
  9. This is well stated. Gonna be honest, I thought the BYU game was gonna be tough. Now I’m to the point where I believe KB will keep making USF improve. This season will feel a lot better than last season and that is what we need to see to keep moving in the winning direction
  10. Hope they sell alcohol in stadium during game
  11. It is great to see USF fans preach the positivity! Future is bright! Go Bulls
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