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  1. Why? Students will still be taking classes remotely. So why can’t there be sports ? We need to adjust to this new era if we ever want to move forward
  2. Wish they would move that game later on the schedule. Gonna be a woodshed game
  3. They better have the Bulls Blockparty event in Ybor during August or I will not be as hyped about the season
  4. Think we can now be known as the school of social distancing. USF Social Distancers .
  5. Just do away with all this conference BS and have schools play more regional schedules. Cut back on the travel.
  6. Good feedback. I guess we can argue that class has started on line so maybe start football. Wondering how ESPN will handle College GameDay now that everyone is socially distancing. Can’t really have those big groups of fans and students partying while they are packed in like sardines trying to get on ESPN. This is pretty crazy and sad as College football was always about the fans to me. We need that vaccine so hopefully 2021 season can get back to how it should be.
  7. Just been hearing the NCAA president saying that college football is in jeopardy If all students are not back in school on time. Why not start the season a little later instead of canceling the whole season? They said they will know more by next month so we shall see. Something tells me that the football power programs may tell the NCAA to piss off and play with or without the NCAA’s approval.
  8. Maybe they are gonna be the first ever Super Duper Conference! They will take Texas and Oklahoma and make their own universe!!!!!!!
  9. Texas lost to Kansas in football lol
  10. Gators Dockside just announced they are permanently closed down. So we shall see
  11. Lol would instantly put fans out of their misery after their team loses their first and only game of the year. Then they can focus on life without football again lol
  12. Tampa Bay is an easy sell so I’m sure it can only help with recruiting. Seems like many want to move to Tampa Bay with all the things that are coming.
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