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  1. Bingo! Wish you could tell the fake news media that too lol. Too many people rely on what they see and read via media. Reality is that they are getting tons of false info.
  2. Why? Students will still be taking classes remotely. So why can’t there be sports ? We need to adjust to this new era if we ever want to move forward
  3. Wish they would move that game later on the schedule. Gonna be a woodshed game
  4. They better have the Bulls Blockparty event in Ybor during August or I will not be as hyped about the season
  5. Dr Fauci is very cautious and although he got bad info from China & WHO, he still mentioned his caution after that first statement of not to worry. I think Dr Rand Paul said it right about Fauci In that he is not the all end all to decide how people live their lives.
  6. I for one am not afraid of the virus. I’m more afraid of spreading it to others that may not be able to survive it. What this virus has done to the world emotionally will take generations to repair. This has nothing to do with what you are trying to bring up. I can say the same thing about when the movie Jaws came out which caused people to be afraid of going to the beach. The media and medical experts drilling everyone every day that this virus will always require social distancing and staying safe will stick with us for a long time
  7. We all better get used to it because generations of today will never feel safe again in our lifetimes. I guess the good news is that we should see less people getting and spreading the flu virus now since everyone will be washing their hands like they have OCD for the rest of their lives lol. I seriously doubt I will be traveling anytime soon to watch USF road games as it has gotten to point where it is not worth it. I’m thankful I did get to travel before all hell broke loose. Getting to the airport 4 hours early and wearing a mask for all that time is just going more reasons I rather watch the game on tv at home lol
  8. It did before the virus. Now RJS is much safer with the 65k than a 30k OCS. More space to social distance with our 20k fanbase
  9. Probably the major reason the OCS might not happen in our lifetimes
  10. So this will also postpone the college hoops season as well. Best they can hope for is having college hoops starting in January 2021 when they are worried about a possible third wave or the next potential virus outbreak.
  11. The playoff system needs to go to 16 teams to be more inclusive with the majority of whatever conferences are left after this pandemic.
  12. Think we can now be known as the school of social distancing. USF Social Distancers .
  13. Just do away with all this conference BS and have schools play more regional schedules. Cut back on the travel.
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