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  1. CJL, is that you ?? Hope USF makes things right and let’s you finish the job that you started. Go Bulls!
  2. Pretty cool that you played hoops with him
  3. If so, that will be at least two teams that USF will face in which they have 1st year coach for the program. USF needs all the help we can get
  4. Lol could you imagine how crazy this board would be if USF had to go through two 0-12 seasons like O’Leary had at UCF?
  5. So that is why MK said for us to be open minded. USF to have two co HC Leavitt & Taggart
  6. Welcome back! I do recall when you warned us and Stan Heath’s slow down boring offense. It worked some seasons only because teams got so frustrated with USF slowing the game down that they shot nothing but air balls and bricks lol. Our local media complained about how boring USF hoops was with the slow downed offense lol. Both Heath & Strong are good people so I wish them the best. They just didn’t survive at USF.
  7. Agreed. I think the biggest plus about Leavitt is that he keep preaching to all that would listen about USF not having a ceiling. He made most of us believe that we would make it to big time college football. And he pretty much delivered when he upset those big programs and got USF into the Big East. It was not his fault that Holtz wrecked his program up.
  8. Think we would need to give him three seasons to see if he fails
  9. We can share a green & gold OCS with them if they help with funds
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