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  1. I brought this up a few years ago that it will take lawsuits to put pressure on a change.
  2. Just got to make sure Coach Strong stays
  3. I used to care about college football outside of USF before all the BS got worse. Now I only been watching USF and can’t get into any other game if it has nothing to do with USF
  4. Bull Daly

    CFP Has Got to Go

    Well said! Knowing how the system is now, the loss to Houston doesn’t hurt as much. USF needs to focus on winning the East of AAC. Baby steps. Winning the East would be a surprise to me as I was expected Gasparilla Bowl going into this season
  5. Bull Daly

    CFP Has Got to Go

    John, I’m holding out hoping for thst as AAC deserves a more fair shot than what we have right now
  6. Bull Daly

    CFP Has Got to Go

    Agreed! F the CFP! Will not be watching again this season.
  7. What a joke. Sorry I can’t take college football postseason serous
  8. Bull Daly

    On to Next Week....

    Agreed that Tulane becomes the biggest game of the year now. Get by Tulane then it makes the next one even bigger. We are at the fun part of the schedule! The gauntlet! Go crazy Bull fans go crazy!
  9. USF football is gonna be fine. Going into the season it was a rebuild. Getting 8 wins was my realistic goal.
  10. Bull Daly


    I actually already have one lol
  11. Bull Daly


    Yes actually a USF fan did wear it when we played At Louisville years ago. He was sitting s few rows in front of us and the UL fans couldn’t stop laughing lol: we lost bad to the Cards that day
  12. Bull Daly

    Keep in Mind

    Got to blame Taggart for using that redshirt year on Q lol. I was telling myself all game that Q finds away to win shootout against King
  13. Good to see the emotions as Houston offense schooled USF
  14. Bull Daly

    Is it ok?

    Doesn’t matter as long as USF wins out, we are heading to AAC title game
  15. F that noise! I’m still gonna spend money traveling to see USF. The game didn’t go the way I wanted by overall I still had a blast here in Houston! If you think I gonna pass up the opportunity to travel to Austin TX because of that state of college football, you have the wrong peep.