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  1. Thank you for assembling this collection and adding the commentary! It’s awesome.
  2. I'd like to see it if they do!! Let Coach T drive this bus video on youtube
  3. rich.sessums

    Our next head football coach should be

    I tell ya' what. I'll put in a call to Kiffin's Krimson Korner and personally ask him what hs thinks about all of this... Kiffin's Krimson Korner
  4. Can't stand that we are starting to play/sing Sweet Caroline. My first thought is "hey, we're copying the Red Sox."
  5. rich.sessums

    Who is the wizard man?

    THAT was hilarious. Our whole group thought is was funny.
  6. Scroll down about 1/4 of the way and see what it has to say about Taurus (The Bull). Well played UCF. https://ucfknights.exposure.co/we-have-liftoff
  7. rich.sessums

    TD Marlon Mack!

    Link to MM scoring video at nfl.com
  8. rich.sessums

    QF on Inside College Football at 10:40

    Who was this? I'm drawing a blank.
  9. rich.sessums

    Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

    At one time we WERE spoiled but "coach" Holtz and pathetic attendance have taken care of that. Now we are desperate to get 30,000 to show up for a game. We've got issues. A 5-0 team (and 11-2 before) shouldn't be having an attendance problem like we do.
  10. rich.sessums

    1 for 1 scheduling

    Without looking it up I am going to say Auburn.
  11. rich.sessums

    1 for 1 scheduling

    Oops, I DID just look it up. The game was in BIRMINGHAM in 2003.
  12. rich.sessums

    1 for 1 scheduling

    My bad. I guess I should have looked it up first.
  13. rich.sessums

    1 for 1 scheduling

    We did play Alabama once. In Tuscaloosa.