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  1. USF_FAN

    Congrats Bulls Fans

    I am so impressed with your team. I think you are going to have a great season. best of luck.
  2. So is this game not on TV locally? Anyone know what the options are ???
  3. USF_FAN

    Scrimmage Thoughts

    Of the receivers, Dontavia Bogan had some nice catches
  4. USF_FAN

    Scrimmage Thoughts

    Lots of screen passes and delays Very up tempo scrimmage - Coach even got on them to "run the play, too much walking around" Lots of hitting! Things i expected at the first scrimmage (fumbled snaps, quarterbacks running the wrong way, false starts / offsides) great day to watch bulls football!
  5. Looks like USF is back to tier 3 in the US NEWS rankings http://www.tbo.com/news/metro/MGBXVEPYZQE.html
  6. I too would like to donate the money for the board.
  7. Does anyone know where they have USF car flags? Have tried about 5 places including USF bookstore and no one has them. I'm heading out to Charlotte tomorrow and need to pick some up. Thanks if you've seen them.