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  1. USF/UCF. Objectively, maybe the best or at least best unsung categorical rivalry? Two teams located an hour and twenty minutes apart, fighting over many of the same recruits and territory, play at the end of each season for both maximum dramatic framing and (because they share a division) actual stakes. Occasionally, one of them might be angling for a national title, or at least an undefeated season they will claim as a national title. That team might go a little too far with this, and that is their right and privilege as Americans. Read more: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/5/18/17353076/rivalry-history-anger-2018
  2. JimUSFSig

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    UF won't play in Tampa. The game against Michigan was their first non-conference game outside of Tallahassee or Miami in almost 30 years. Plus we already have one more game in Gainesville under contract, but not scheduled because neither school really wants to put it on the books. FSU and UM have both stated they don't want to play USF for a bit... FSU did have a 1-1 with us because they needed to fill holes in their schedule. Don't expect another game with either before 2022 or beyond.
  3. JimUSFSig

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Well, the G5 conferences all agreed to this situation. The G5 could have said no to the CFP... but what was their alternative? Tulane President Scott Cowen was fighting this situation in the early 2000s against the BCS, when the BCS changed to allow a G5 school in the Top 12 to get in automatically. As @Apis Bull said... it would take that kind of effort again to change the CFP. My guess is you will see an expansion to 8 games soon, then a G5 slot will be offered along with P5 auto-bids... with some stipulations... if an 8-4 Florida team beat a 12-0 Alabama team for the SEC Championship, they might not get the auto-bid, so it stands to reason that a G5 champion who finished 10-3 might not get in either. Just my two cents.
  4. JimUSFSig

    #12 #14 and #18

    During the UF / Tennessee game he tweeted:
  5. JimUSFSig

    Good, Bad, and Ugly

    GOOD * Playbook opened up -- Yeah, still a lot of running, but when the defense is giving you 6 yards per carry, that's what you get. Gilbert mixed in some other plays to keep the running game open. This wasn't as much GCO as some people are saying... but there were a lot more read-option plays, some misdirection plays, and jet sweeps. * DEEE-FEEENSE -- Giving up only 67 rushing yards this week, fewest all season. The defense was flying to the ball. Tackling really well. Three interceptions. BAD * Senat Targeting -- Although I was at the game and there was no replay, I gather this was a bit off. Tom Fornelli (CBS Sports) tweeted: " I think that by the letter of the law, it’s targeting. I don’t think it’s TARGETING tho. Does that make sense? " I have to think Deadrin will be getting some extra focus this week. * Drops & Missed Throws -- MVS dropped one and had another sail over his head (and was nearly picked off). Flowers, as well as he played at keypoints, was 15 of 27 (55.6%) with an INT that should not have been thrown (McCants was never open on that throw). UGLY * PAT/FG -- Getting the first FG blocked is one thing. Illinois saw something on tape and exploited it. Getting another kick blocked means the special teams coach did not do anything different. I would think the team will be working on kick protection and getting the kicks faster this week. * Penalties -- Yeah, the officials were calling a lot of "ticky-tack" fouls. However, both teams were just downright sloppy. I'm willing to pin this one on only having three practices... Still, I think USF really needs to work on some of it's plays. Especially the false starts and illegal shifts (get set before the snap, guys!). (Imagine what the game would have been like without the blocked kicks and all of those early penalties... when the penalties stopped, USF dominated)
  6. JimUSFSig

    USF to Change its Logo????

    If you guys actually read the link you would realize it's really an editorial that talks about how USF is re-shaping it's image. Credit for that starts with Judy Genshaft. It's not about the darn logo.
  7. JimUSFSig


    It's like people on this board don't bother clicking on the links that were provided... all of these questions are answered there.
  8. JimUSFSig


    WILL THERE BE ANY ATTEMPT TO ADD A 12th FOOTBALL GAME IN 2017? We do not expect any additional changes to our schedule.
  9. JimUSFSig


    Official release: http://gousfbulls.com/news/2017/9/14/football-conference-makes-schedule-adjustments.aspx The USF vs. UMass non-conference game, previously scheduled for Oct. 14 in Tampa, will not be played this season and will be moved to either the 2022 or 2023 season. The date will be determined at a later time. USF will maintain its commitment to play at UMass next season on Oct. 6. --------------------------- How this affects the rest of the conference... http://theamerican.org/news/2017/9/14/FB_0914174630.aspx?prl=636409759698541953
  10. JimUSFSig

    Next weeks' games on shaky ground...

    So does Vegas... USF opened a 14 point favorite... it's up to 18 points at some sports books.
  11. JimUSFSig

    Ray Jay

    There is a difference. Gov Scott called on universities to host national guard... RayJay isn't hosting as many people / vehicles.