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Everything posted by Zangbull

  1. Zangbull

    For Those With Direct TV Who Live Out of Town

    It's on Fox Sports Atlantic also called FCSA on comcast
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/giants/post/_/id/13741/video-jpp-discusses-giants-and-family USF mention, showed the youtube flip video
  3. espn radio, in studio on espn news tv
  4. Zangbull

    JPP on the herd now

    JPP was just on nfl live and the reason for the shower questions, he just signed a deal with Axe Shower Gel, he will be doing commercials for them. it was a much better interview they asked about his transition from college to pro, a good watch if you can find it.
  5. Zangbull

    JPP on the herd now

    short interview, no mention of usf, found out he takes 6 showers a day this was half the interview
  6. Zangbull

    USF vs UConn thread

    you can not put your hands withing 5 feet of walker, its a new rule
  7. Zangbull

    Any TV for tonights BB game for out of towners?

    It's on espn3 for those with access, will be blacked out locally of course http://espn.go.com/espn3/index?id=100074
  8. Zangbull

    T-Rex WR Experiment

    We are wasting his talent by only using him on punt returns, he is our best athlete on the roster. If you saw him play in high school he is a playmaker at CB position, I have yet to see our starters make a play and we are 8 games into the season, he can't play any worse than them.
  9. Zangbull

    Murray fill up your tank son!!!

    Yes, that is a huge coaching error, you either get him out of the next play or run play action
  10. Zangbull

    Official Game Thread

    Get 2 out of the game, we are wasting trex talent
  11. Brian Kelly might be fired after one season, he is passing with 40 sec. left in game down by 1 and they are set up in the middle of the field for a 30 yard fg with a kicker that has hit 18 in a row. And this is a true freshmen QB playing in only his second game of course he throws into double coverage for an interception. They are calling for KELLY's head in south Bend
  12. Zangbull

    Dominique Jones good game

    FYI DOJO and the Mavs will be on TNT Sat 930 eastern and its an outdoor game against the Suns
  13. Zangbull

    Mike Jenkins Hurt

    Happened toward the end of the game, next play his replacement gave up an easy touchdown which proved to be the difference and a loss for Dallas. Mike was surrounded by trainers on the the sidelines it looked serious. http://sports.espn.go.com/dallas/nfl/news/story?id=5592817
  14. Zangbull

    Bulls making plays all over Sunday!

    great pic by murphy, lead to a touchdown don't forget JPP plays tonight
  15. Zangbull

    Mike Jenkins Hurt

    Direct from him says hes okay, will have MRI monday http://cowboysblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2010/09/cowboys-cornerback-mike-jenkin.html
  16. Zangbull

    USF big favorites

    Load up on WKU that is a huge number, they can move the ball have a great rb too.
  17. IU now up 31-7 end of 3rd qrt, IU is passing all over them and this is at WKU with sun belt refs
  18. Zangbull

    To the USF fans at the Swamp

    how were usf fans treated any taunting or fights seen?
  19. the personal foul call was horrible, even the announces said it was ticky tack
  20. Zangbull

    Gators vs Miami (OH)

    that is a safety , SEC refs taken care of their own. Does anybody know the refs next week?
  21. Goes for one hour, have not mentioned USF yet
  22. Zangbull

    ESPNU Now Big East Preview

    Pretty fair assesment of us, Luginbill knows his stuff probably the best college football analyst in the espn family of networks. he tabbed BJ as the best qb in the big east, thinks he grew alot after last years inconsistant year
  23. check out greg's blog he has the transcript http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/
  24. On EspnU They do a few minutes on the team and discuss the problems at WR, then a phone interview with Skip It starts about 3 or 4 minutes into the show
  25. Zangbull

    What a great catch, SJ Green!

    #1 play of the week on Sportcenter Sunday