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  1. if you read brett's articles about two or three years ago, they were all positive for the bulls, but nowadays, you can almost feel he has an antibulls attitude, why is he still the writer for us at the tribune? we should have a coming out day for brett, brett, say it, "cjl doesn't like me, i hate cjl".
  2. Detectives Say Fight, Brawl, Shooting May Be Connected http://www.local10.com/news/10425108/detail.html
  3. audio linke url]mms://a1864.l1986844880.c19868.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/1864/19868/v0001/reflector:44880[ copy the whole line, open in winodws media player live radio plus espn gamecast, alnost as good as watching tv. go bulls
  4. if you live in north fl or georgia, you get to see it on comcast.
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