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  1. Please don't start comparing Tampa baseball to USF. I agree we should be stronger in baseball more consistently, but UT is a totally different situation.
  2. It's horrible. Good luck trying to get anything from the concession stand and not missing half the game.
  3. Yes, it's an NCAA rule, at the championship, but it trickles down to each institution. It only makes sense that if any of your sports teams makes it to a championship event and the possibility of getting tested is there, that you better be doing it throughout the season so there are no last minute surprises. Only makes sense.
  4. Dude, pot smoking is not the coaches rule, it's the NCAA rule. Move on.
  5. Interesting. Thought for sure after the way he threw at the end of last year that Ragsdale would slide right into that closer role this year. Hopefully he's not injured. Haven't heard him mentioned this month.
  6. The survey has been fixed already. Try again. John Lewis emailed me back first thing this morning letting me know it's been fixed.
  7. I think they need to stick with just 1 for the game. Either one is ok but I prefer Oladokun. One of them needs to get use to the flow of the game and get some rhythm. Not fair to alternate.
  8. They have a really nice USF tent at the Sam's on Dale Mabry and Northdale. Bought mine there last summer and it's really good quality and a great price. If you are in need of one, I would check there first. I think I saw them again there just a few weeks ago. They also have a sweet Bulls tailgate table there as well. Good Luck! Go Bulls!
  9. We'll be there to join you at the outside tailgate. Beer pong here we come.
  10. Thanks. But trying to buy from Bulls fan who maybe ordered too many or can't go now. Don't want to pay over $120 worth of fee's.
  11. Still looking for 4. Looking to spend top $$ to be in the Bulls sections.
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