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  1. Really UCF??? WOW, I think they may have a bit of a Napoleon complex but are NOTHING compared to Miami fans. In my opinion, Miami has the worst fans. Rude, obnoxious, and poor sports, regardless of whether they win or lose. This has been my observation and opinion for at least 20 years and is not based on the behaviour from Saturday's game. Unfortunately, nice Miami fans are the exception not the rule.
  2. By far the BEST away game I've been to. Great stadium, great game and great win and of course great fans on both sides.
  3. We are lot 6D and our grill was stolen (well it belongsed to RG). We have mini vans and cars so there is no way to lock up a hot grill prior to going into the game. I guess it's time to pitch in for a new grill, maybe we can find one with a burglar alarm.
  4. I'm hearing a lot of blame going to the defense, which I understand since our offense wasn't on the feild long enough to take any of the blame. WE ONLY HAD 3 first downs in the first HALF of the game ... I'm placing a HUGH amount of blame on the offense ... Let me know when they show up so I can wag my finger at them!
  5. Yeah, you tell the belligerent drunk screaming at cheerleaders to stop. There's a better chance you'll end up with a broken nose than him stopping. We don't need the fans to police the drunks. We need the police to police the drunks. LOL. i'd LOVE for some sloppy drunk idiot to attempt to break my nose. You wont say that when you catch a right cross out of nowhere. You may beat his ass, but then you'll probably be escorted out of the game as well. You can let someone know that they are out of line, without being confrontational. If they want to get violent because you’ve spoken
  6. I agree 100%. I guess my group uses away games as little holidays and the bonus is a USF football game. We had a good time, too. Jaxson's was really good. My group sat at the same table as Brad. It was a lot of fun, thanks for all the free gifts. Somehow, Mike G's ticket was in the middle of our groups numbers.... Mike, I want that foam finger!!!! Fan fest was great. My only complaint was that the room for the pep rally was WAY too small. I guess the El Paso airport is some sort of cell phone black hole. My friend left his cell phone in the rental car and didn't realize it until we were
  7. That is an understatement! I’ve only seen a handful of Ducks. This should be like a home game …. and I hope we play like we are at home!! GO BULLS!
  8. Our group is flying out on the 29th and returning on the first. Half leaving from Orlando the other half from Tampa. All on AA Orlando group Depart 11:10 am Arrive Dallas/ Fort Worth 1:10 PM Depart 2:30 PM Arrive El Paso 3:15 PM Jan 01, 2008 Depart 9:40 AM Arrive Dallas/ Fort Worth 12:20 PM Depart 2:25 PM Arrive Orlando 5:50 PM Tampa group Depart 6:00 am Arrive Dallas/ Fort Worth 7:45 PM Depart 9:30 PM Arrive El Paso 10:15 PM Jan 01, 2008 Depart 6:00 AM Arrive Dallas/ Fort Worth 8.35 AM Depart 10:40 AM Arrive St. Louis 12:20 PM Depart 2:55 PM Arrive Tampa
  9. As per the other thread, my group is at Howard Johnson Express Inn 500 Executive Center Boulevard. We have one "kiddie", I think he's 6 years old.
  10. My group would be interested in an unofficial party. No sleep prior to the early morning flight out seems to be a Texas thing for me. Did the same thing last year. We were in Dallas (Grapevine) for a meeting over Halloween. Went to the Dallas Bull and there happened to be a HUGH custom party next door. Loads of fun, but no sleep.
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