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  1. This is a fact....when pressed in meetings over the last week Skip's desire was to push back on USF claiming he was not given enough to be successful. I don't know if he flat out said he wanted 'out'...but it was spun in a manner that both sides agreed to disagree.
  2. They lost it 3 weeks ago when players and coaches got in a heated shouting exchange in the locker room at halftime of Miami. Now there is absolutely no respect....but Skip never had good control of his sidelines in the first place. Again a man that is not a stickler about details. It's the small details that good coaches win with...Skip's a delegator, a big picture, macro level guy. He might survive at a big school with zillions of dollars to help him overcome deficiencies, or small schools were things are not big, but here.....he's got no handle on anything including his players, locker rooms, and sidelines.
  3. If he resigns he will forfeit his contract and not receive any more money. Why not wait to get fired and receive the $2.5M buyout? The only way he resigns is if he is pursing another job. If true, there was probably some settlement for him to resign vs. being fired that would cost USF less money. yes...allows him to save face, and get a lump sum now....win-win.
  4. It's more than just a knee injury. OMG has growth issues, and they've already operated to remove something from his pituitary gland....he's about 40lbs+ bigger then he should be for a guy his size. Not his fault though, it's hormones, but his knees can not take that extra weight. Seriously he probably needs to redshirt, and work on getting his health in order. The fact he's out there battling with the team tells you what kind of kid he is. BTW, I now see what Mike Jarvis has been saying about White- called him soft. Like someone said the package looks good when he walks through the door, but when he steps on the court it's bad. Bad hands, bad court awareness, soft, not physical....he's strictly a big body, and if Austin had been around he would have been perfect for fluff minutes...now we count on him and it can be painful at times.
  5. What does that mean? They're in the midst of television negotiations with Big East that will probably garner a considerable increase in television revenue. They get sizable donations for football yearly from thousands of donors. They make enough money to care....this is football they have to care. How the message is delivered is one thing, but USF has to care because their budget is balanced based on the revenue secured by football.
  6. Actually to have any shot to get an ACC or B12 consideration firing Skip is a must. What type of message do you think it sends to these conference if we stand pat with a 3-9 record, and 2 year conference record of 2-12. For goodness sakes NCST fired O'brien for a 7-5 record. If we keep Holtz after next week we've essentially sent a message around the world that were complacent and satisfied with our football circumstances. Regardless with how they try to spin it after the fact. These conferences are only interested in football prowess, and television markets. We've got the tv market...now it's time to show that we care how our football program does. BTW, this doesn't mean I am advocating calling the White House or anything.
  7. I suspect we'd have had a better season if we played on;y freshmen and sophmores We're doing that now are were not even competitive against a Cinci team that was struggling with injuries and talent issues. Playing kids just because the seniors have given up on you as a HC is not a reason to play youth. The program is in a spiral. The upperclassmen don't have any faith, and no longer respond to the coaching. It's only a matter of time before the youth does that as well.
  8. Two recruits do not make a program....one is on his second ACL tear in a year. Skip's recruiting has been atrocious by most standards...ignoring regions, focusing only on what certain coordinators want to concentrate on and not what the program should be doing. What about Miami....I think our staff now believes that is a foreign country. Price was a nice snag...but there are to many circumstances where they went with size over substance. We once recruited guys to fit in a system...speed and athleticism were at a premium. We now take guys that simply check off a box, some who they don't even see in person, and then leave them buried on a depth chart. I feel for a guy like Scott, who was once sent by Leavitt to close on certain kids and he did....now he must fight with some coordinators and coaches just to look at some recruits. And god forbid they move a player to a position where they can be more conducive to their talents. Any day they want to decide to move Gonzalez to safety, and Garye to LB, and Perry to TE, would be great. They'll never fit in the positions they're buried at right now. I could go on and on about recruiting...don't ever claim Skip can recruit or he's a pretty good recruiter because he signed Price. How about telling him to look at JUCO's that are not spring enrollees but are more talented one day. Instead he brings in these inferior juco's simply because they'll enroll in the spring. Don't get me started.
  9. I agree with you to an extent. And he was "off" from football for 2 years before returing at the ND game, so I give the guy a lot of credit and lattitude. But I also know the person who had the feedback and he is a pretty positive. To hear him say that, indicates there is a story there. So I did a google search and found this article. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog/dr_saturday/post/Darrell-Scott-jumps-Colorado-s-sinking-ship-lea?urn=ncaaf-200005 Here is a highlight... Scott is emblematic of Colorado under Hawkins: Lots of hype, but only the exceedingly rare flash of promise amid an expanding desert of disappointment. He was reportedly out of shape as a freshman and spent essentially all of his CU career battling injuries and a losing battle with the depth chart behind solid but unspectacular classmate Rodney Stewart. Scott leaves with 459 yards and one touchdown, scored in his first game as a Buff, and as a walking emblem for a program that hasn't been able to meet expectations in years. Not glowing, but the again it indicts the coaching leadership as well. He also tried to go to UCLA after CU but that apparently fizzled. Lets hope that he outperforms expectations and can live up to some of the initial hype. So far Scott looks to be a changed man. The staff might be a better one for him then the desperate situation he had in CU where the staff was clearly wanting him to be something he is not. At USF they need him to run hard, and use that big body. When he got to CU he had already grown 15-20lbs from his HS days and was clearly getting use to his new size and talents. The staff there had him returning kicks, running lots outside, and I think he lost a step from HS, since he was a speed merchant in HS....and therefore they were putting a square peg in a round hole, and Scott was pressing. He's added even more weight since that time, and is now up to say 245lbs...I think from what I've seen he's got lots of potential but the staff is smart not thrusting him in to be a starter. He's still working on the little things, he struggled a bit at ND with the read option, and running with authority. You can hear the staff's comments that they want Darrell to get up field and run north-south with authority. He did more of that against Ball State, but still had moments where he wanted to do things that he didn't need to do, like trying to hurdle players. Give him time to get comfortable being the thunder, running angry using that new body of his, and hitting the line with authority. I am pleased with the progress so far but he's a work in progress, but him not having to come in and be the savior like he was required to be at CU takes the pressure off of him. Now they can work on the finer details of his game, and if he stays durable, and continues to take coaching then I expect by October he's going to be a real, real player for us. The key is not giving him the keys to early and let him think he's got the freedom to do what he wants to do. Keep him hungry and working like this and he'll continue to develop.
  10. Yep. And his voice isn't hoarse like Leavitt after a game full of yelling and headbutting. umm...that was my point. Skip doesn't YELL all game long. When a fanbase doesn't know any better they mistake that for passion and not composure. a Head Coach of 19-21 year olds needs composure I think the importance is the team under the past coach exhibited that bio-polar emotional displays. They fed solely off their head coach for emotion and therefore they only looked to him for motivation- which is why we looked so up and down you can't keep that level for a full 12 games based solely on a coaches emotional strength. Skip has worked to make these guys self-motivated and to get themselves fired up and this way they don't wait to get going until their coach yells at them. Skip's getting them to be prideful about their school, and themselves, and carry themselves in a way where they feel like a let down personally if they don't do what they're suppose to do. Not wait for Skip to yell at them before they take responsibility.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHh4XVIVzAM I really have trouble not laughing everytime I see the chain link fence that surrounds the fields and the stands. I mean can it get any tackier? And the way the fans are acting the administration may want to consider putting barbed wire above the fence line..
  12. Are you kidding me after his first year he'd do tap dances in the backfield at times. I saw quite a few times where he'd get tackled and turn his shoulder...a big no-no as a RB, lower the pad level, get butt low and hit the tackler with your shoulder pads square to the LOS, and never stop moving your feet. Ford was a walking billboard of poor technique, he'd get away with it at times just because he was so darn big. After Ford's ankle injury he ran quite tenatively then his freshman year. I didn't really see him get that form back until the International Bowl. Even then Ford always had a problem getting his pad level low, and butt level and really punishing runners. I am hoping for Scott to do more of that. What I do like about Scott is he runs with more of that RB squat you see, butt low, shoulders low and leaning forward...I am sure you know what I am talking about. Now Scott needs to get that mind-set of running angry and he could be special.
  13. No doubt, and I like what I see...moreso that he's trying to get better, which is sometimes hit or miss with these former elite recruits. But right now Murray does everything right, Murray has done it against the best. This is the guy that ran for over 100 yards in games for USF. He had a big game against UF. He's earned his keep for sure. The way the staff used them against Ball State was perfect...give Murray the start like he deserves, and get Scott extra minutes to work out the 'kinks' with this kid...kinks like trying to get him to remember he's a 245lbs bulldozer now, not the 6ft 205lbs speed merchant, high hurdler he once was in HS. For Scott that was a lifetime ago, he now needs to learn to be a hard nosed, jumbo RB, a tough runner that punishes tacklers. He's getting there.
  14. Based on what? Because Scott padded states getting mop-up duty against Ball State and gobbling up some yards that Murray could have just as easily gobbled. Have you been in practice? Have you seen the staff's comments about Scott after ND....they were disappointed in how tenative he ran, although he was much better against BSU, but it's BSU. Murray looked better in the ND game, he was a catalyst in that big TD drive that won us the game. Scott looked somewhat better against BSU. I see nothing that would conclude Scott deserves it whent he stats are entirely skewed. Saying 'who should start' as fans is the most asinine thing to do on the internet. Coaches actually use real measurements like performance in practice, work exuded, past performances to determine this...people wonder why the back-up QB is always the most popular player on the team? Because arm-chair QB's get to always say who 'deserves' to start based on their unqualified, uninformed opinion. Glad to know coaches rely on the facts.
  15. true but injuries are the neutralizer for all of football. I watched 4-5 guys limp off the field against Ball State, for sure most were minor but Jacquez Jenkins was hurt and his absence from the 2nd team defense showed as they yielded some serious yards to Ball State, so much so the coaches put the first team back in to try and preserve the shut-out. We're also a shade soft inside on defense, Grissom and McCaskill need to show me they can stop the run consistently. And oh gosh if BJ goes down we're in deep do-do. Don't do these predictions because you never know what can happen, and who will get injured. Don't want to jinx it. My heart stopped when I saw Popek come out with an injury (we have no good back-up tackles) but it appears he's alright. Remember Grothe got hurt against Charleston Southern...hits are still hits regardless of the opponent and they take a toll.
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