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  1. Wow. Disappointing. Open three pointer. Pathetic.
  2. McMurray scoring but looking a bit rusty in his first game back. Should have taken the foul when he got his defender in the air rather than fading away.
  3. The fouls are a symptom of a deeper problem, lack of speed and fundamentals.
  4. Way too many offensive rebounds for GW. Gotta play better fundamental basketball.
  5. Our defense at the end of a half in this one and against Kennesaw St at the end of the game (both with 3 secs left) is inexplicable. Uncontested 3s. SMH.
  6. Video... http://www.atlantic10.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&db_oem_id=31600&mid=80213
  7. I have two tickets in section 112 with club access at about 35 to 40 yard line. Comes with automatic access to awesome tailgate. Prorated for season starting with FSU game. Let me know if interested.
  8. RagingBull

    Who needs charts anyway?

    I couldn't agree more with CSH on this one
  9. Far more USF talk on 98.7 than ever before on Tampa radio, at least in the last 12 yrs. lets not alienate talk show hosts on the only station to go out of its way to support our university. Best way to improve things is to continue to call with insightful comments to keep USF in the discussion and convince the station's hosts that the audience tunes in for Bulls talk. That is where the money talks- where advertising dollars go. Wanna help this problem, call in as much as they let us.
  10. RagingBull

    Schedule wallpaper

    Bullshiznitz, Check your messages, I sent you a message. Raging Bull.
  11. In case it was hard to see from the pictures, the granite shelf is on the right side of each locker about a foot above the base. It is looks white and bears the iconic U logo. It is above BJ Daniels' pizza box in the pictures above. It is a bit easier to see here: http://www.gousfbulls.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?SPSID=37319&SPID=2981&DB_LANG=C&PALBID=479744&DB_OEM_ID=7700
  12. RagingBull

    Flame War You Will Enjoy

    Besides Slapgate, what stories has the BM broken? He didn't break the Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC story, that was broken by the NY Times on Friday. BM just locked it up on Saturday morning, calling his stooges after seeing the Times piece ... If BM had stuff on it before Friday, I will stand corrected. Way back when (2006), Jackie Chambers, Ricky Ponton, and Josh Julmiste were suspended for a violation of team rules. I believe it was McMurphy who broke the story and had some information that it was about a violation of the substance abuse policy. Leavitt erupted about it and banned media from practices. I give McMurphy credit. he was not afraid to break a story even knowing it would alienate him from the USF community. It was a valid story but McMurphy was vilified for it. I may have some of the details mixed up but that is what I remember. sure enough those players were all kicked off the team or transferred.
  13. RagingBull

    New USF Football Unis found....

    - Go here: http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/home - Login and click "Create New School" button - Progress through the creation options until you get to the helmet (or jersey or pants) - Near the bottom left of your screen, you'll see two tabs "Create Your Own" and "Choose Existing" - Click choose existing and you'll cycle through everything until you find USF Thanks, bleed green +gold already posted ALL combos. Thanks both of you. I think our gold helmet, white jersey, green pants has always been our best look. I've always wanted gold pants for home. Yeah it looks like notre dames alt. green gold combo, but WAY better. For alt. home games the all green would be sick. The NEW gold helmet should always be the default. ditch the Marshall, Jets white helmet. +1 Nailed it.