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Everything posted by LakeBull

  1. LakeBull

    Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    More time and he could have gotten us the death penalty...
  2. LakeBull

    Alumni Verification Program

    Worse yet, they are likely trying to call you in Melbourne. LOL
  3. Supposedly he was to be in the two deep at UVA. A bad experience there seems to be a big win for us.
  4. They already played their rival... UConn! This is just going to be a baby seal hunt. UConn needs to win next week and cause their rival some real pain.
  5. The kid is fast... It will be interesting to see how he develops.
  6. LakeBull

    1-2 Welcome to another Dumpster fire

    We could still squeeze out five more wins, but I'll be surprised if one is Memphis. At least UCiF looks winnable and I'd put Cuse down as winnable too. Flowers was pretty impressive on that drive. It has been a while since we came close to that effort. This team should keep improving as the season progresses, so I still have hope for a few good things. Just the thought of beating the gnats is worth a smile.
  7. LakeBull

    Stop Running This Play

    I cringed every time we ran that stupid play. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
  8. LakeBull

    Weather for FSU Game...

    I was really feeling light headed at UF and had to sit under the stands a bit and grab a Gatorade to get back to normal. I was surprised to find a great place to tailgate before the game. Overall it was a fun day, but the heat was brutal.
  9. I've missed more people from my tailgate than in RJS. People have come and gone often during the years, but this year there are fewer of the diehards still around. They may have just moved elsewhere. Hard to know... I'm in 234.
  10. LakeBull

    Just curious

    I'm excited for this game because it will set my expectations for the rest of the season. Winning and how we win will say a lot about this team. I think next year we are more likely to get back to being a contender in the conference race, but there is still a chance this team squeaks into a bowl and after the last few seasons that will generate plenty of excitement. Otherwise, I can happily contemplate who our next coach will be. Makes me laugh remembering all the people complaining that CJL could "only" get us to a bowl game. "Only" a bowl game would be pretty nice right now. Too bad we can't also get back to 4-0 with no games on the schedule... that was too sweet!
  11. LakeBull

    Cecil Cherry transferring to USF

    The guy is a stud, but needs some skill development. Sitting a year should be good for him. He has lots of upside and hopefully he lives up to some of his hype.
  12. LakeBull

    Football Tickets mailout

    Mine came with a couple passes for the baseball, soccer and such. That is pretty nice.
  13. LakeBull

    Sundome club section question

    The buffet is pretty good, but I'm usually too late to eat it.
  14. LakeBull

    9th Annual BULLSRALLY

    A great time and a Mutt burger! What more could you ask?
  15. LakeBull

    Last day as conference mates my friends

    Everyone knew the Cards were headed for better things. Glad we were able to have such a good relationship for such a long time and look forward to hearing more of your future successes.
  16. LakeBull

    We need a Mobile QB...Flowers must stay!

    We need an O line. Protect White and he will be a stud. It is a little tough getting off a pass when the guard gets pushed into you. Flowers can be a nice change of pace guy, but he won't make up for a weak line. We just saw this with our last QB that sucked until he ended up in the NFL. NFL ready QB and we had three wins.
  17. What really concerns me is the offensive system he wants to run. It just doesn't appear to be a fun system to watch. So he really needs to WIN with it. Winning is always fun to watch. But if I have to watch a game in which we lose, I'd rather it be a 51 - 48 shoot out as opposed to what we watched last night. I'm not hating on CWT, but that pound the rock system better be a winning system. Agreed, there is NOTHING entertaining about this team. Even the home game they won against Cincy was a painful watch from 18 rows up. The on-side kick at the end of the game was pretty cool and it even worked! There were a lot of great defensive plays and most of the game was fairly close. Field position, stupid mistakes and penalties kept the Bulls from pulling this one out. Just hitting the two field goal attempts would have changed the entire nature of the game. It was sad that we seem to have lost our classic fumble forward play and I have yet to see a voodoo play this season.
  18. LakeBull

    UL Loss; helps or hurts USF

    The Cards are going to the ACC, so them falling to a team that is staying, even the gnats, is better for the AAC which includes us. The rise of the gnats could be laying the foundation for a rivalry that has interest beyond I-4. Once the bus gets rolling we could have a real war. It will be much more fun beating good UCF teams, but I'm not holding my breath on this year. Maybe if Louisville comes out flat, we have a chance next week, but UCF will be pumped for our game and right now they have a better team.
  19. LakeBull

    You are the head coach: what would you do?

    And here I was thinking you would just start executing the under performers as an example to the rest of the team. Do you have silver bullets in that nice gold firearm you carry?
  20. LakeBull

    You are the head coach: what would you do?

    We are in a similar situation to where Stan Heath started with basketball. All the coach can do is to continue to develop the players while he works to bring in players that best fit his system. While there are all kinds of questions concerning the abilities of the current players their biggest problem is that they still don't fully know the new systems. Even as bad as things look this team can take some quantum leaps by just learning to better execute the system. While it may be a reach, there is still hope of finding a W or a couple W's. Oh and just to be clear, Stan has not yet arrived. While things are certainly looking up let's see if he can do something with the seemingly nice talent he has been able to land and sustain it for more than one "flash in the pan" season.
  21. LakeBull

    Cleaning out the attic

    There are plenty of good memories from that group.
  22. LakeBull

    Whiney FSU Article on Playing USF Again

    From the Beacher Report: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1597964-florida-state-football-florida-state-brilliant-to-schedule-usf
  23. It was amazing that Nick survived. Even for a tough physical guy he was very lucky.
  24. Danny Boy Cane is rather infamous. I wonder if this is the same guy.