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  1. Congratulations! Welcome to "the stroller people" club!
  2. If only 10k fans allowed, do they allow students? All students, all season tickets or some mixture? How about the band?
  3. I would think with most teams canceling their seasons that TV would want some decent games to broadcast. With fewer games and fans at games ratings should be high. Maybe an opportunity for us to cash in if we can play anyone from the P3?
  4. I will be there. Staying closer to DC as we are making a family vacation out of the trip. I will most likely have an extra ticket in the USF section and an extra ticket for a tour of Annapolis including the Naval Academy (tour runs 10:30am - 12:45pm) if anyone is interested. I'll know by Tuesday night.
  5. My wife, kids and I are doing the Annapolis tour which includes the Naval Academy. It runs from 10:30am - 12:45pm. https://annapolistours.com/our-tours/four-centuries
  6. These may be more one off successes but two high school head coaches to FBS OCs are Chad Morris (became Tulsa OC, now HC at Arkansas) and Gus Malzahn (Arkansas OC, now HC at Auburn).
  7. When you can't even sell out the lower bowl against a ranked Big Ten team that may have the best RB in the country, you can't complain about not being P5.
  8. How is WVU allowed to play in the post season with a losing record? And why would they want to? They went 14-20.
  9. There was actually 1:40 left before the half and we had all 3 timeouts when we stopped them on third down. We let them run it down to :54 seconds before they punted instead of calling timeout. I knew then that the offense was done for the day.
  10. It's nice to read about our student athletes doing well. https://www.ctpost.com/uconn/article/Former-UConn-commit-Kirk-Livingstone-has-found-a-13318797.php#photo-16354471
  11. It was the inaugural year so I wouldn't rely on it for future years. I would be interested in future years were there isn't a come and see the shining new stadium draw. I wonder how even year 2 looks revenue wise?
  12. Not sure you can really call either a rivalry, especially Marshall & WVU. Statistics Meetings total 89 All-time series Colorado leads, 65–22–2 Largest victory Colorado, 67–0 (1894) Longest win streak Colorado, 12 (1934–47) Statistics Meetings total 12 All-time series WVU leads, 12–0 (1.000) Largest victory WVU, 92–6 (1915) Longest win streak WVU, 12 (1911–present)
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 97 seconds
  14. Are there going to be any Connecticut watch parties of for the games this year? I wasn't aware of that many CT Bulls.
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