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  1. USFDan

    The moment I knew

    There was actually 1:40 left before the half and we had all 3 timeouts when we stopped them on third down. We let them run it down to :54 seconds before they punted instead of calling timeout. I knew then that the offense was done for the day.
  2. It's nice to read about our student athletes doing well. https://www.ctpost.com/uconn/article/Former-UConn-commit-Kirk-Livingstone-has-found-a-13318797.php#photo-16354471
  3. It was the inaugural year so I wouldn't rely on it for future years. I would be interested in future years were there isn't a come and see the shining new stadium draw. I wonder how even year 2 looks revenue wise?
  4. Not sure you can really call either a rivalry, especially Marshall & WVU. Statistics Meetings total 89 All-time series Colorado leads, 65–22–2 Largest victory Colorado, 67–0 (1894) Longest win streak Colorado, 12 (1934–47) Statistics Meetings total 12 All-time series WVU leads, 12–0 (1.000) Largest victory WVU, 92–6 (1915) Longest win streak WVU, 12 (1911–present)
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 97 seconds  
  6. USFDan

    Uconn Game

    Are there going to be any Connecticut watch parties of for the games this year? I wasn't aware of that many CT Bulls.
  7. Thanks for the info, I just picked up some seats in 109.
  8. Coming down from Connecticut for the game. Looking for 3 tickets with club access for myself, my wife, a 10 year old and a 15 month old. Having a comfortable place to take the little one is a must. If anyone has a few extra tickets to sell I am interested. Thanks!
  9. USFDan

    Temple, Oct 21, Friday night

    Bausfkid - I'm looking at buying tickets for this game. I know I can buy them through USF and sit with our fans, but I am also wondering about the club level seats. These are priced higher but do they include club access like at Ray J? I'm asking because I have a one year old and having the club for my wife to take our little one would be a huge plus. We went to Syracuse last week and the little one did great, but the Temple game is a night game. I've tried to look online for a definitive answer but haven't found one. Do you know if access is included?
  10. USFDan

    USF in the polls - Week 3

    How can we complain, we haven't beat anyone yet. None of the teams we have won against have my FBS wins.
  11. The report says each finalist is expected to make presentations to the Big 12 in the next few weeks, "presumably in Dallas." After reviewing the candidates, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and his staff will trim the list to two candidates. Only two final candidates per the report.
  12. Definitely worth checking out. I go to the location near my office in Stamford, CT all of the time. The location of the USF section in the Carrier Dome doesn't look appealing. I'm looking at buying tickets in section 115 or 317/318. What is the best source to find tickets? Stubhub/ticketmaster?
  13. The problem with any kind of mandate like this is the fact that these teams need 7 or 8 homes games every season... that will be impossible to do if they only play each other. So the G5 will continue to have access... but it will be very hard to get home-and-home games with the P5. We might get 2-for-1 deals... or we'll get passed over for another G5 team that would be willing to take a 1-and-done game. I think the argument about needing 7 or 8 home games doesn't hold water anymore. The P5 teams are bringing in more money from tv, playoffs, etc. than they ever dreamed possible. That's an old bs argument that should have went away when all of the bcs money started flowing. If a P5 needs a 7th or 8th game for their athletic programs to survive then there must be some serious mismanagement of money going on. USF brings in a small fraction of what the P5 brings in yet we can build all of these new facilities and pay our coaches over $1m a year. All with low attendance and a small donor base on top of it.
  14. Amen to that, and btw, what the eff do you fire (insert some poor coaches name here) people want? If we happen to win 6 this year and go to a bowl, are you all going to bash the team and say we only did it because the competition sucks? F all of you entitled, instant gratification needing brats. I'll agree there are a lot of fans that demand instant gratification. I never agreed with the fire Leavitt he has peaked crowd. We are a very young program and fan base. With that said, what will cost more, Taggart's buy out or the decline in attendance and fans? I think it's reasonable to assume we have lost 10k in ticket sales per game and at $20/ticket that's $200k/game or $1.2m per a six game home season. How much will also be lost from the smaller donor base? The system this team runs is so boring to watch even winning 7-8 games a year won't bring back all the fans we have lost. This is college football, and win or lose, the product on the field better be entertaining. I'm not sure if we need to fire anyone yet, but as a longtime fan I'm also not sure if I can continue to watch this brand of football. This coming from a fan that has watched our basketball team lose for the last 20 years! This program needs to turn around the attendance problem as quickly as possible. Will it happen with Taggart's brand of football? I also don't see the we can't afford his buyout argument. Just turning around the attendance by 10k will pay for his buyout and also increase the donor base. Do you see fans coming back next year or the year after? Will a new coach and style bring them back sooner? That's the question that needs to be answered.