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  1. Anyone else watching this kid Ethan P. He's really putting his best foot forward trying to impress the coaches and make the team next season. I wonder if he's already been scouted by the coaches, enrolled in fall classes, and gotten his housing all set. It almost seems like he's USF or nothing, and to me it looks like he's got perseverance to make it!!! Just an interesting story of the will to make the team! I hope he gets a shot!
  2. I actually believe I heard a chant of "USF" after his TD
  3. All good memories of the MBB teams of late '89 to early 90's I would suspect that R. Dobras might have heard something about him. Hope he's ok. Fond memories of the way the (Sun Dome) announcers would announce all the players of those teams, and the loud cannons mounted on the tops of the hoops.
  4. It's horrible. They need to have a producer look into making it like a normal broadcast. And stop with the graphics 2x after every shot. we miss half the game, in the most important spots!
  5. If anyone is watching the game... Why do we have so many fouls called and yellow cards issued? One even to the team? Are these homer refs? Looks severely out of balance, considering we are usually heavily on the + side of shots on goal
  6. It's crappy that we have 2 digital stations (Bulls Unlimited & Bulls Unlimited 2) and they are both playing replays instead of this important match!
  7. I have XFinity... which doesn't carry the ACC Network... so no ESPN3 even if I pay for ESPN+....
  8. Xfinity doesn't include the ACC Network, so there is no way to watch on the ESPN app. Also I think the Bulls Unlimited will be at the WBB game today at 2. Does anyone have any links to the Sweet Sixteen soccer match today?
  9. The one solace in all this is that we are a GREAT Road team (10-1)! The only loss coming at Orlando on Oct 31st.
  10. Mike, Hope you have a speedy recovery. I Enjoy all your contributions to the board!
  11. Hop on board the train to the current most successful sports playing at USF!!! We all know the Footbulls are in the midst of a dumpster fire, and rebuilding period that will most likely last until we can recruit some bigger and badder OL players and clone QF, BJD, MG, & MB to be one SUPERHUMAN QB. The sooner you all come to terms with just enjoying the atmosphere of big time college sports like i have, the better you will feel about this year....So in the meantime, we can either focus all our emotions and negativity into feeling sorry for ourselves.... OR.... We could rejoice in knowing that our other teams are enjoying actual success at their sports! So many great teams to get behind, and I'm pretty sure we will have at least 3 or 4 conference championships this year in the combined sports. They are even so exciting to watch, and will be sure to keep you all from getting too close to the ledge! Just trying to be thankful for what we've got already in front of us.
  12. Does anyone have a screenshot of this? **** Xfinity doesn't carry ACC Network, so I had to listen to the whole game on Bulls Unlimited
  13. Think of this logically. He's married now, with a kid. His size and skills will still warrant a look at the pro's. He is already into his last year of the game for his collegiate career. He's still the starter until CS says he isn't, and you KNOW CS will give him every opportunity to bounce back. Even if it means going with 2 QBs in a game like he has done before. Don't pretend he's a baby and will turn tail and run just because he gets demoted or has an owie. remember... the internet is forever. Would you like it if people talked about you like this online and it remained online for your kids to see. For the WORLD to see forever. There are so many other ways to put it without making a joke of a person.
  14. I know everyone is very upset at the team/coaches/AD.... But do you have to be a mean Troll and tear people down? Why talk about Blake Barnett transferring during his FINAL season. Its just unnecessary and won't happen. Most likely he will be still start again this season, if not next game than another. He is still the starter until he is not. Be mature and don't tear other people down just for spite.
  15. Looks like it was a Bloody bad weekend for the Bulls
  16. Was watching the end of the game last night when DJ and MW got together to pose for a pic or 2 when the teams got together at midfield. I didnt see Mazzi play last night, or he didnt seem to generate any stats. I hope he will pour it on for their last preseason game!!! As for DJ.... hes got it in the bag!
  17. I would say that DJ's made the team by the way they are using him. Return man and maybe even backup RB
  18. *Bump* Games this weekend. Could be the last week some will be on an NFL team. Hopefully Most of our Brothers will make it to some form of professional team...
  19. Just a reminder that if anyone cares to follow each player, each week, all they have to do is click on their name in the 1st and 2nd reply, and it will take them directly to their player page where you can see their results, and probably infer if they will make the cut.
  20. Bump! Can one of the mods pin this for the remainder of Pre-season so we can follow who's on what roster or see who sticks around?
  21. Would anyone who has a plethora of time on their hands, please make a list of former Bulls in NFL training camps so we can follow their progress? Thanks in Advance!
  22. Its not as if things fell apart before the season ended. She sat with the team, on the team bench during games when she was able to. It seemed to me she was even trying to participate in team activities during stoppages of plays mostly. I guess to me, it was just a shock the amount of shade that each side was giving the other, as well as the seemingly senseless twitter feud. And the posture that USF Social Media accounts took as soon as the season was over. I didn't know what went on behind the scenes and we may never know, but it was just puzzling to watch it play out in front of us fans.
  23. I really REALLY hope that the WBB program and USF Athletics department will make up with Kitija now that it's been revealed that she wasn't out to cause trouble or stab USF in the back. It seemed like a bad divorce when things went down a few months ago. Tweets being deleted, and it seemed like her name was deliberately being snubbed by some of the people involved. I wish her the best of course as I think we should all be wishing her the best like we do CW, LF, FL, MJ, AP, and the many more successful women who have come out of our program and gone on to the next level.
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