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  1. Was watching the end of the game last night when DJ and MW got together to pose for a pic or 2 when the teams got together at midfield. I didnt see Mazzi play last night, or he didnt seem to generate any stats. I hope he will pour it on for their last preseason game!!! As for DJ.... hes got it in the bag!
  2. I would say that DJ's made the team by the way they are using him. Return man and maybe even backup RB
  3. *Bump* Games this weekend. Could be the last week some will be on an NFL team. Hopefully Most of our Brothers will make it to some form of professional team...
  4. Just a reminder that if anyone cares to follow each player, each week, all they have to do is click on their name in the 1st and 2nd reply, and it will take them directly to their player page where you can see their results, and probably infer if they will make the cut.
  5. Bump! Can one of the mods pin this for the remainder of Pre-season so we can follow who's on what roster or see who sticks around?
  6. Would anyone who has a plethora of time on their hands, please make a list of former Bulls in NFL training camps so we can follow their progress? Thanks in Advance!
  7. Its not as if things fell apart before the season ended. She sat with the team, on the team bench during games when she was able to. It seemed to me she was even trying to participate in team activities during stoppages of plays mostly. I guess to me, it was just a shock the amount of shade that each side was giving the other, as well as the seemingly senseless twitter feud. And the posture that USF Social Media accounts took as soon as the season was over. I didn't know what went on behind the scenes and we may never know, but it was just puzzling to watch it play out in front of us fans.
  8. I really REALLY hope that the WBB program and USF Athletics department will make up with Kitija now that it's been revealed that she wasn't out to cause trouble or stab USF in the back. It seemed like a bad divorce when things went down a few months ago. Tweets being deleted, and it seemed like her name was deliberately being snubbed by some of the people involved. I wish her the best of course as I think we should all be wishing her the best like we do CW, LF, FL, MJ, AP, and the many more successful women who have come out of our program and gone on to the next level.
  9. Did anyone catch Derek Sharp's interview with Kitija Laksa on USF Bulls Unlimited the other night? If so, can you post a summary? I can't seem to find any information on it. Thx
  10. So frustrating to lose close games when you KNOW we could have won it so easily with any one of our wounded warriors able to play again. ANY ONE of them could have won at least 3 or 4 of our losses.
  11. Very sad news. ALS is a very serious and painful disease. I'm glad to know that he isn't in any pain or discomfort any longer. This board will miss him and all of the others who left us in the past. My condolences go out to his family and friends!
  12. For the game Creighton shot 14 - 29 from the 3 (at 58.82% in the 1st half). Any team that shoots that well from behind the arch will most likely be ahead through most of the game. We did show a LOT of grit able to erase a 21 point deficit in the second half, but part of that was that Creighton had a few scoreless droughts. The problem was that at this point we needed to pretty much convert every time down the court to keep the lead once we erased that deficit, and they started drawing fouls from our ladies. So by the end of the 4th quarter, the charity stripe was not our friend. Still gives me a good feeling that this team can actually come back from almost any seemingly insurmountable deficit.
  13. I wonder if we can get a progression of injuries from game one all the way though the season. Can we all agree that even in college, there can be a HUGE Step up or down from the starters down through the depth chart (and also as far down as the rookies?) I wonder how much of a factor it was losing so many skilled and great position players throughout the year. As for uninspired football yesterday, I believe that we are going to have to search for a bonified OC because what we saw last night was definitely not inspiring confidence. But I am also not calling for the coaches head because he made a decision and stuck with it through a meaningless bowlgame.
  14. Coaching also can take you only so far!!! The players have to actually Play the game too! If a player knows how to tackle, and he doesn't tackle properly, the only thing that is on the coaches is when they don't pull that player aside and tell him what he's doing wrong, or get him off the field. I don't see that as a reality when we had so many players with poor tackling during the games. Anyways, I won't convince any of you to relax the coaching Armageddon, and you all will never convince me that every coach that doesn't win for us 10-11 games every year for the rest of the life of this team should go! So on I move to the next topic.
  15. You forget the winless season they just had a few seasons (and 2 Head coaches) ago.... The problem I have with people is that they expect every season to be a perfect or a 1 loss season. EVERY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!! Football teams and schools win in CYCLES. some years, some bad. Even if your name is ND, or UM, or yes Alabama. People have to let coaches coach, let players develop (with the help of good coaches) and if you don't think that coaches get Vetted for the ability to coach and improve their players than you are OFF YOUR ROCKER! No team will hire a coach who hasn't shown the ability to make their players better in some way. Some coaches are better than others, but its also about REACHING that student athlete and their DESIRE to want to improve and be a better player.
  16. I find it funny all the reactions from people on here who's job it is to work in the Athletic Department and control all the ins and outs of the hiring and firing on our multi-mullion dollar coaches and assistant coaches based on a sneeze, cough, or hiccup. I wonder if there are any coaches out there on any team who have (after 4 - 5 seasons) achieved the greatness that is 4 - 5 immediate undefeated seasons (at a major University). If there are, perhaps they would LOVE to quit their jobs and come to our University to take over what some of our impatient fans (not passionate, because to me passionate also realizes REALITY) see as the only job in the world worth having in all College sports. SMH ~
  17. Great game by everyone involved. Can't wait to see our play against better teams of course. I'm sure we will be up to the challenge, with Laura at the helm. Biggest test coming up will be LSU on the 30th
  18. Has anyone seen if Kitija has been hanging with the team, lending support? or has she been strictly staying away because of the pain associated with not being able to play in the game you love?
  19. Ok, so I think we were spoiled with QF, BJ, and MG. Anyone know if we have any prospects in our recruiting reach that might be able to come back and breathe life back into our school? We all know truly that its the exciting and skilled QB that makes any good team into a great team.
  20. This team has a lot of potential Freshmen stars. Jordao & Harvey seem to be picking up for losing Jesperson & Flroes respectively. It looks like it's going to be another fun season!!!!
  21. Women's Soccer tomorrow at noon plays Memphis for an auto-bid (They already have a seat) to the NCAA Post season. For those who haven't seen them play, they are quite exciting if you like spots, & consider yourselves a USF fan. We have the most exciting player in the sport in Evelyne Viens with 19 goals scored this season so far. Our Freshman goalkeeper has been playing lights out lately and has only allowed 10 goals all year with some acrobatic stops. We also have the most prolific offense in the NCAA scorring an average of over 3 goals per game. The game will be on ESPNU Women's Basketball starts up soon, and Coach Fernandez has yet another great team this year. Kitija Laksa is looking to become the highest scoring player in USF history this year as she only needs to have 688 points this year to take the record. She has a great supporting cast, and will be sure to make the post season yet again this year playing some crazy good teams. Ranked #22/21 and even as low as #9 by one of the more respected voters. All the other teams (MBB and WSB) are also poised to have great years in their own right. So please remember that Football is not the end all be all as a source of pride! Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. You can listen to it on iheart radio until it hits TV https://www.iheart.com/live/university-south-florida-7424/
  23. Someone had tweeted a question to JK earlier this week about how USF seems to be playing to the level of our competition. He said he does not believe this is an actual thing. So my question is does anyone else seem to think that this is a possible thing, and that sometimes teams or players seem to take it easier for games they know they can beat and thus the games seem to be a lot closer if they were just a little more "into" it? I know in the sports that I play once in a while my teams seem to under perform against inferior teams, however not often.
  24. Lets let this thread die, and concentrate on getting to 8-0 and get back to business. All is good in this world. We beat UCF in w Soccer and took the conference regular season title, and today we will beat the Coogs! Go Bulls!!!!!!
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