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  1. lol and the citrus bowl was packed up with UCF fans build a stadium stop with the excuses about fan base are you serious that thought process will be the death of USF football or has it died allready how long you gonna wait for a fan base define you number of fans required you just throw out no fan base no stadium. terrible thought process
  2. This university is really missing the boat. Stupid administration. We will never be contenders for good recruits. On campus stadiums build programs. Ask UCF we used to mock them now they cant see this USF program because they are miles ahead with their rickety crappy metal building, Im jealous of them. We are better off in the Sunbelt conference instead of being the posers we are in the AAC. As if any P5 conference would ever consider this school for membership. I foresee another year of garbage on the field and it breaks my heart. All the land USF has and they wont build a stadium. Well congrats to UCF dumber than a box of rocks but as far as athletics go they are nationally known and here we sit talking about this garbage conference we are in and actually it could have been different if 10 years ago these USF leaders would have started bolstering our athletics which brings money to the university. Now all we get is portal athletes who are pissed they could'nt play at P5 schools and it shows why when they are on the field against P5 schools. Poor Jeff Scott is really in the mixer its not his fault he needs 4 yrs minimum to turn this around, a stadium on campus, and an administration that sees athletics will bring money to the school and actually supports our athletics-you admins can call over to UCF and see how this is done if you have any questions. Flame away and Denial isnt a river in Egypt.
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