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  1. Not hating him, yet. But definitely not ok with him yet, either. This Tulsa QB is staring down receivers. I am loving how Grier is playing today though!
  2. There are at least 2 Tulsa D Linemen in McClain's face before he can even get set. Please run the ball
  3. Aside from the FAMU game, this season is going the way it honestly should (I feel we should have beaten FAMU a little more than we did). The schedule has been absolutely brutal. Four losses against three teams in the top 25 and the fourth team likely to be ranked this coming week. Of course, 45-0 is inexcusable, but its tough to say there hasnt been clear (albeit minimal) progress from game to game in some facets, namely the TRUE FRESHMAN Quarterback. Offensively, we are at the point where we are executing the easy and medium difficulty plays at a more consistent level. The next obvious step is to begin exploiting the opposing team's mistakes, which again, will start happening, and I think it will be within the next game or so. Timmy is going to settle down as he gains more experience and hit those deep throws to our wide open receivers. Once that starts happening, it will be 2015 all over again. Defensively, I mean what exactly can we do when we are down to literally nobody in the secondary? I know it's an excuse, but it is also a fact. Nobody needed a bye week more than this team right now. We also knew that the Dline was going to be a problem before the season even started, so nothing should really be a surprise there. For me, the season starts against Tulsa. Aside from Cincinnati, we play against teams that should give this team an opportunity to blossom. I have seen progress, but I want to see more. I honestly feel this team is close to having that 2015 Syracuse game, and it may be as soon as 10/16.
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