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  1. Is there a link that says that is the case? I just went to the tournaments website and I don't see those changes were announced
  2. That's a pretty ridiculous notion. CJS wants to win, not make a former player from another school happy by playing his younger brother.
  3. Wow. Did not think he would get a waiver. Assuming he transferred because he wanted more playing time. Not sure how the athletic department did it but that’s huge. The team is deep this year with everyone coming back plus Murphy, Oduro, Anderson and Tchewa
  4. With the way the ran Tubby out of town after 20 win seasons I can see some unrest if they disappoint again. Even without Wiseman they had Tourney talent last year. Coaching is definitely questionable.
  5. That was against Memphis not Wichita even though they did beat Wichita at home 2 years ago in a slow, grind it out type game. Speaking of Memphis I think they are overrated at 3. This is a big year for Penny. He needs to win.
  6. Don't think he got a waiver to play this year...yet. That could change obviously but would say it's 50/50 at best he gets one.
  7. Definitely a fair write up. Yes, the writer points out our offense was atrocious last season but he also points out that we have two really good offensive minds running that side of the ball in CJS and boy genius Charlies Wise Jr. They have the talent on the roster, just need to execute a hell of a lot better then they did last year. I think good coaching can change that. The writer also points out our defense at times last year was good. The main issue was we sucked at getting stops on 3rd down. Again, good coaching should help change that stat and I feel we have a good one in Glen Spencer.
  8. Never a doubt he would return but relieved to say the least. Collins has had so many WOW moments and so many WTF moments. If he can limit the turnovers and hit 75% of his free throws he will be an all league player. All big ifs but he can win so many games for the team with his play. He has the ability to take over games late. At Memphis and against Utah State are games that come to mind of him taking over last year.
  9. I didn't see the link posted. Here it is below. Jon Rothstein is all things college basketball so he has good insight on our conference. He's very high on SMU too. Looks like they return everyone. I know Cincinnati lost 2 really good players but I would never rank them behind us. They are always strong and tend to reload with new guys every year. Would love to win one against them this year. They have owned us in basketball. Also, no way Castaneda doesn't start at PG to start the year. He basically started every game the last half of last season and BG loves his defense. https://c
  10. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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