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  1. Who cares about those clowns!! Most delusional fanbase EVER and their fake natty title. So SICK of them and everything about them. Their day is coming it's all cyclical.
  2. It all starts on the line. If we can get a decent O line, this team could do great things
  3. If clemson wins and CJS is part of the natty team does that mean by default we can also say were national champs. Worked for those clowns and most delusional fanbase EVER over there in fantasy land
  4. Good god what is wrong with this team. Another top 25 team we should've beaten THIS yr. Fsu being the 1st one, instead it's the 28th game in a row we've lost to a top 25 team. It is truly difficult being a bulls fan.
  5. Also what I find amazing is I just read a story a few months ago and they did a survey nationwide for best sub and the winner was WAWA!! I've never had a sub there but are they really that good. I cant see them beating a publix sub or firehouse. Just wondering
  6. That buffalo chix sub sounds awesome. I'm gonna have to try it. As far as delis living in riverview there is an awesome place that has some of the best sandwiches ever. - the hot tomato. Has anyone else tried that place. If you go try the Cuban and the monte Cristo you wont be disappointed. I've yet to have a bad sandwich there
  7. My choice was gonna be IHATEUCF, wasnt sure if that had been taken. I hope everyone on here has the same hate I do about those clowns as I do. I truly hate them with a passion. They are without a doubt the most delusional fanbase ever!!!
  8. Hahaha, yep. I've yet to have a bad sub there. I love the buccaneer sub
  9. New member, 1st post, long time viewer. Anyway I know everyone loves a publix sub and how could you not. Anyway just saw this https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/publix-chicken-tender-subs-on-sale-for-6-99-starting-thursday-jan-9 Go bulls!!
  10. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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