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  1. Looks like a nice commit and area of need for 2021 https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/3/6/21168680/scottstots21-fort-myers-de-keeon-terrell-verbally-commits-to-usf-football-jeff-scott-daquan-bowers
  2. It's time for Jose to retire, what will this make it 0-32!! Stop recruiting the European players, you have to get tough american players that play physical.
  3. I cant think of any game hotter or worse than the gators game. My god now that was hot, the section we were sitting in, people were passed out in the walkway from the heat. Thanks for the info, I'm pretty sure the wife and I are going Go bulls
  4. As I've said before were a country club sports program. I still cant understand why we constantly are sucking and cant get our **** together. Class of 97 and it's been very frustrating and disappointing when I was going to USF and still to this day. We are in one of the hottest markets for talent yet we cant keep these kids here at home. I know the prior AD's have TRULY sucked and caused a lot of this. I still miss Mr. Selmon, it was such a huge loss for the school and community. We should not be losing to FAMU or northeastern SERIOUSLY is that a community college. Good lord and dont ev
  5. I love the bulls as much as everyone else on here but seriously what the hell. We are nothing more than a country club program. Tennis and golf is all were good at. Northeastern seriously what is that a community college. Get rid of mohler, Fernandez and Gregory may be on the line also. This is pathetic, why cant we win? Is it the burial grounds? What the hell is it??? I'm sick of seeing those asshats to the east getting the better of us.
  6. I keep saying this guy has got to go. Stop recruiting the European players, we need someone that can recruit physical playmakers. This is unacceptable
  7. Does publix make a "bulls sub"? I know they make a bucs sub which is pretty good by the way.
  8. Exactly what has he done since winning the WNIT other than choking and whining EVERY yr about 1st round of ncaa only to lose. Who cares where you play in 1st round, winners play wherever and take up the challenge. I like Fernandez he's done a lot for the program but I think it's time to start looking elsewhere. Also enough with the European players, it's a different type of ball over there. You need more tall athletic ones that can box out and rebound. Who was the one a few yrs ago that played with courtney I forget her name. She was good I think all time rebounder too
  9. Why do we even talk about this matchup? Seriously 0-30!! I'm sick of getting hope up only for them to choke or get destroyed every time. It's time for Jose to move, just my opinion. Also stop recruiting the European players.
  10. Man this should do wonders for recruiting for 2021 class
  11. It is truly difficult and very frustrating to be a bulls fan. Our motto should be "we'll get em next yr", because that's what it feels like with every sport. Gonna be another long weekend too , softball is gonna get their ass kicked , could be 0-9 by end of weekend, womens bball well enough said there, what will it be against uconn 0-130!
  12. OH YEAH!!! https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/all-publix-subs-on-sale-for-5-99-next-week
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