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  1. I wish them well, but after much deliberation, we have decided to end our association with USF Women’s Basketball, The Coaches Club, and The Bulls Club to allow us to pursue interests away from college sports. Take care, be safe, and Go Bulls! Sitting Bull, Out
  2. From Bull to Millionaire, the Mike Ford Story.
  3. In the living room surrounded by your flamingos!
  4. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-women/article/2020-04-22/muffet-mcgraw-retires-after-33-seasons-2-national-titles
  5. Hello Jose, USF plays NCAA basketball, not FIBA basketball. It’s a waste of money to recruit a player who can’t play the upcoming season. Especially when you historically have a bench occupied by many injured international recruits. Time for USF to find a coach who can recruit American players.
  6. But, you will have a very, very large bill to get your car fixed after filling up with crude oil.
  7. At most she’ll play one season. She can make far more playing in Europe. Your emoji really doesn’t apply to the WNBA.
  8. She was drafted, traded, waived, and waived again before ever playing in an WNBA game. Played in Europe until injury ended her career.
  9. Maybe you’ll get to see them one day if the asylum takes you on an bus trip to USF.
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