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  1. That would raise everyone’s else’s enjoyment level.
  2. Apparently you’ve been put on the No BullsPen Emoji List, by the Internet Police.
  3. Terrible news! https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/usfs-kristyna-brabencova-balances-ms-diagnosis-basketball-career/ar-BB1cYml3
  4. That way if they don’t see you, the can hear you coming!
  5. From what I’ve heard, his shorts are all Jorts!
  6. AFAIK, SMU & Memphis shut down their WBB programs for the rest of the season. For now Houston, and Witchita State postponed their games.
  7. Has anyone seen Serrat at a game this season? Is she on campus, or did she graduate and return home?
  8. According to this article, she is “medically retired”, which as far as I know means she remains on scholly, but that it doesn’t count against the team’s limit, because the player is no longer eligible to play NCAA basketball. Not sure why they show her on the roster, since she is ineligible to play (thus not on the team) any more. http://www.usforacle.com/2020/02/27/powering-through-another-injury-filled-season/
  9. Yes, she is a nice young woman. Does she practice with the team, if so why hasn’t she been suiting up/playing in games?
  10. Even if it were possible, Enna is far too intelligent to do that. Silvia has never missed a FG or a FT in a USF game. I haven’t seen Silvia on the sideline this year. Is she actually on the active roster since “she was medically disqualified” last season?
  11. Perhaps they are concerned about catching Mad Cow Disease!
  12. The health and safety of the players (says enough) is more important than a basketball game.
  13. Better purchase your ticket package now. https://www.primesport.com/e/sports/2021-ncaa-womens-final-four-all-session-(semifinals-and-championship)-ticket-and-official-ncaa-vip-experience/alamodome/april-02-2021-1001323280
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