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  1. Thanks for the inside scoop, I didn’t know you were on the Committee, or had a close friend who is.
  2. Is that where the breakfast buffet is held?😀
  3. Coherence on TBP!! Now, that’s a pipe dream if there ever was one.
  4. It’s been a long time, but If I’m remembering correctly TV from Boston Garden was the worst, as far as seeing the puck went.
  5. The more Tourney wins they get the stronger it makes the AAC, and our wins against them look.
  6. Yes, WSC beat Arizona by 2 points (71-69) in January, then lost to them by 9 pts (51-60) in February, and lost to AZ again on March 4th by 16 pts (44-60). Some how your storyline overlooked that.
  7. I thought you had lost interest in Bulls MBB? 😄
  8. And yet, they barely managed to squeak out a victory over a 9 seed.
  9. Eddie is a really nice guy, I had dinner with him a couple of times.
  10. Helmets! I remember when goalies didn’t wear masks. Ever hear of Terry Sawchuk? He was the first to wear a face mask.
  11. How about the New York Americans (they later became the Brooklyn Americans) and the Hamilton Tigers?
  12. There’s a nice article about Jose, written by Joey Knight on page 1C in today’s Tampa Bay Times.
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