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  1. Gotta wonder if they ever talked to him...I just don't think you are going to find anyone better for a RBs coach and to recruit. Maybe he will be reconsidered. Otherwise, I would think a shot at OC with FAU or maybe Jameis needs a good QB coach.
  2. I guess maybe he could go work for Willie as the OC...I will always root for Shaun and CJL whereever they go!
  3. I think we should really consider bringing back Shaun King as a RBs coach and recruiter. I haven't heard anyone say anything but great things about him. What do you all think?
  4. That would be great! Yes, that is a concern for sure.
  5. Let's hope that the landscape is changing with respect to that as many schools have seen the FSU debacle and may not want to make that same mistake. Might be wishful thinking by me though.
  6. A homerun is great too after a couple of strikeout looking by Skip and Charlie.
  7. Yessir...and the recruiting and the transfer portal could pay huge dividends and the Clemson connection could lead us to getting some of their talent that had the bad fortune of not getting playing time because Clemson is so loaded with talent.
  8. That is also a fear, but his pedigree at Clemson probably makes him the most qualified coach we have be able to attract in our short football history.
  9. Hopefully we really locked him in. That is all of our biggest fears is that he pulls a Taggart on us. He seems like a very loyal guy, so I am very hopeful AD Kelly hit a grandslam with this hire!
  10. This was my initial post in this topic...I really just wanted to try to get an answer. I heard this via Grothe on twitter. Never said it was 100% fact but just wanted to see if anyone else knew anything. I just did what everyone else does which was to provide info and hope for more info. We all want the best for the program and want to win again!
  11. Leavitt just posted on twitter...he may have gotten a job somewhere
  12. Unfortunately, you may be correct. This is where we are right now. Hopefully Scott has the type of energy and drive of xCJL so that we can start heading in an upward trajectory again.
  13. I think that the reason he fit our program is he was the underdog, the new kid on the block, the man in the trailer just trying to build something. The people who were around when the trailer was there, understand he was the hope that we all had wanting to be talked about along side UF, UM, FSU...like Brad said, some of us felt that we are in a bad place and maybe he was the one to rescue us. We need the type of passion that us so called Leavitt lovers have...That is what is lost from our fan base. Have you seen all the empty seats at RayJay? Maybe youtube some of the big games during 2007-2009 and see the upperdeck filled with fans. Why wouldn't we want that back?
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