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  1. So with a bye week and the competition ready to drop off a bit, I really think the coming out game could be the next game! He will have enough time to review a bunch of film of himself and will be able to adjust his reads/runs, etc. Let's go Q2!
  2. Let's hope it will be closer and maybe cause a few turnovers and end up on the winning side. We probably need it if we are to have any chance to get to 5 or 6 wins and maybe a bowl game.
  3. I agree about the defensive depth, although some injuries have definitely impacted that depth. Let's hope we can start more like we have finished.
  4. So I think Timmy is going to be a special QB that could be the part we needed to get back to being relevant. Against BYU, in a hostile road environment, he was able to sustain long drives that we haven't seen since the Grothe/BJ Daniels days. You have to think that having BJ there to mentor him will be HUGE! Go Bulls!
  5. I didn't get to watch the game, but I listened to it and it seems he played well, a few drops and non pass interference calls, but pretty clean on his part. We will have to see if he continues to develop for the BYU game and then into the conference schedule. Go Bulls!
  6. Looks like CJS is looking to keep McClain safe/protected until after the UF game. Probably not a bad decision as he would be best served to have him ready for game 3 vs FAMU.
  7. The assumption has to be that if you are growing the program and are going to get better every year, then your recruits will get better and you don't worry about redshirting. College football is different now and I think redshirting at the lower talent teams will basically disappear. Players commit to USF to play, not wait until they are Jrs to get playing time. I think you would only redshirt him if you have better talent ahead of him. Just my opinion.
  8. I think the coordinators could just be his current coordinators, but if some talented guys with Clemson ties become available, CJS will upgrade. If the FAU guys were so good, Kiffin would have taken them with him...I wouldn't totally writeoff the OC and DC as people can get better if they are willing to work harder than everyone else, but who knows if that will happen.
  9. I would be a bit hesitant or should I say careful with him if you start him against UF, as you don't want him to get hurt, either physically or mentally. I believe CJS will still give Fortin some time or may even start him against UF, whether it is right or wrong, hard to say. After the UF game, he should be safe to start McClain.
  10. So doom and gloom has set in from all the posts I have read. Let's do something more productive and talk about the future, even though it seems like it will be awhile before we get there. Timmy McClain could be the Quinton Flowers for Jeff Scott. He certainly needs some experience but the talent is there and as anyone who has been a diehard USF fan knows, we need a rpo/mobile qb to be successful. Just ask CWT who finally figured out that pound the rock with a pocket passer doesn't work here. Also, other honest assessments: D-line is improved, LBs about the same, DBs some improvements. Offense - we won't know until we play an opponent that is at our level, NC State and UF are way above our talent level at this point. Coaching - OC and DC are struggling and I am not sure they will last as CJS will either have to replace/blame them or it would be him admitting that he is the problem. CJL replaced plenty of coordinators over his tenure if they didn't succeed. I think CJS will provide the right culture and appears to be putting the effort in to do it. He just needs time and a little luck with the recruiting, as all it takes are 3 or 4 great players to get the momentum going. For CWT, it was QF, MM, RA, DJ. Go Bulls!
  11. Gotta wonder if they ever talked to him...I just don't think you are going to find anyone better for a RBs coach and to recruit. Maybe he will be reconsidered. Otherwise, I would think a shot at OC with FAU or maybe Jameis needs a good QB coach.
  12. I guess maybe he could go work for Willie as the OC...I will always root for Shaun and CJL whereever they go!
  13. I think we should really consider bringing back Shaun King as a RBs coach and recruiter. I haven't heard anyone say anything but great things about him. What do you all think?
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