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  1. We will never have a true campus culture without an on-campus stadium. Half the school isn't even aware of the fact we have football or basketball games going on, and a good chunk of those people have never even be introduced to American football in their lifetime. Even a smaller subset of those people wear FSU/UF t-shirts around campus because they have been accustomed to seeing USF's lack of interest in athletics (Michael Kelly is starting to change that). Raymond James is a great stadium and I'm grateful we are partnered with them for the time being, but it's time to make a long term plan f
  2. Two handoffs and a kick return. Cornelius plays well at times but his turnovers cost us. I would've liked to see Flowers play a full game earlier in the season so we could have a good comparison on how each QB performed. Murray is definitely not the answer, Cornelius is decent, and Q is the X-factor that we've had muzzled up on the sideline. I say give him a chance....what's the worst that could happen? We're already 1-4.
  3. Game 1: UCF Game 2: UConn Game 3: SMU Game 4: Memphis Game 5: Cincinnati Game 6: Wichita State Game 7: Houston Game 8: Tulsa Game 9: Cincinnati Game 10: Houston Game 11: Houston Tiebreaker: 138
  4. Unfortunately, I think we are going to succumb to the pressure of the loud minority and shy away from hiring Leavitt. My heart says CJL but I think we will get either Tony Elliott or Larry Scott.
  5. I've never seen our fanbase more fired up than it is now with the potential of hiring Leavitt. The best thing to do is to ignore the haters crowd and right our wrong from the past. Jim Leavitt never deserved this. We know how great CJL is as a coach and a person. It's been 10 years since the incident and coaches have done much worse things and still gotten hired. I think it'll be a giant mistake if we let a false narrative perpetuated by a screaming minority dictate how we run our football team. It's time to stop being the nice guy and start winning.
  6. Central Fla is done when CJL returns. Back to the days of getting beat down 64-12.
  7. If USF hires Leavitt, the first game's attendance will be minimum 45K and donations for the IPF will be through the roof. Not to mention all the recruits that may flip over with Leavitt's arrival.
  8. He donated $1 million to FSU's athletic facilities last year so he could do the same thing here
  9. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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