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  1. Barnett on IR Ford played 2 games Cronkite is 3rd-4th string at UCF Cincy Houston Tulsa SMU Memphis shall I go on...Wilcox I’ve already said is good and I like WRs are serviceable...this just shows the drop off in talent that you speak of....who are our back up RBs WRs QB....all except Wilcox wouldn’t have even seen the field from 2005-2010...and I hope New England Bull keeps you happy stroking you all of the time
  2. Puc stick to your stats and wherever you get them from you might want to reconsider...as for your 4-5 star recruits nobody gets those players to FCS schools so your above comment is completely PUC like...but he did bring in players and a system that has won 23 games in a row and put more players in the NFL than we did last year yet you keep telling me about all this talent we have please tell me who these guys are
  3. The cold hard facts are you still can’t name me all that talent we have on Offense...so I assume that you agree with UCF National Champs from a few years ago
  4. Puc your a clueless spectator my friend name me these talented players that you see
  5. So it’s Kerwins fault that he has an empty cupboard to work with...please tell me McCloud is a serviceable QB he’s a nice kid who wouldn’t start anywhere else in the conference... Cronkite is a nice young man as well but his playing days are about up he left Florida for a reason...the WRs on this team well we don’t have to speak about them... Wilcox is good the OL below average ...so Kerwin make chicken salad out of chicken sh&t...who has Charlie brought in not naming transfers that are producing and remember this is year 3...I’ll wait
  6. CKB definitely needs a chance one question to all on this board...How many guys on this team would have started say 10-12 years ago? On offense or defense?maybe 2 talent isn’t there yet all you computer coaches wanna can Bell before he gets a fair shake...Charlie has been given 3 years with no results team plays with minimal passion...need to go back to Coach Leavit recruiting philosophy get more speed and more “dogs”...Kerwin seems like he can recruit he’s passionate on the sideline getting on QBs WRs OL whoever ain’t getting it done and his Scheme works just a lot of u computer coaches don’t
  7. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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