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  1. I can see the disrespect angle, but anyone looking for the Badgers to be unprepared is going to be disappointed. Last year was a disaster for our program. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. It started before fall camp when we lost both our starting DE's (in a 3 man line) to training injuries. Then we lost our NFL WR, our only true difference maker on the outside and a team leader, to a criminal trial that was widely understood to be flimsy at best. That really cast a pall over the team and we never got our mojo back. BYU was the eye opener. We hadn't lost to a non-Power 5 team since 2001. Key defenders kept getting hurt, our QB got concussed twice and we lost to our biggest rival for the first time in 15 years. The preseason expectations were the polar opposite of how the season went on the field. Last season sucked. One of the worst since 2001. People around the team this year can already tell that the vibe is different. Because of all the injuries last year (and the new redshirt rules) a ton of young guys got on the field and they are rearing to go. We should have improved QB play this season and to top it all off we got back our star WR who everyone had assumed was gone for good. To me that is everything. Cephus gives this team a huge boost both on the field and in the locker room. He gives them a cause and a personality to rally around. I think there is suddenly a lot of impetuous to set last season right and shoot for some of those goals that everyone thought we could reach last year. They are going to come out ready to set the tone and prove that last season's debacle was merely a fluke. They aren't looking past anyone this year, that lesson was learned the hard way. USF is going to see a squad determined to inflict its will on you. The Badgers want to line it up and test who is tougher, who wants it more, who has put the time in. They are going to motion to the run side and say come and stop it if you can. I for one can't wait to see how it all plays out. Is USF going to be able to hold up at the point of attack? Do the Badgers have enough of a pass rush this year to disrupt your timing or are the Bulls going to be able to sit back there and pick them apart? Can UW finally diversify the O a bit and utilize all of their weapons or is the QB going to be a limiting factor yet again? As a Badger fan, this feels like a special year on tap, kind of like 2016 or 2010. We will find out on Friday if USF can end it before it starts. I obviously have my doubts but I'm hardly an unbiased source.
  2. You could look at it that way, but I think UW has earned the benefit of the doubt by now. Last year was the exception, not the norm. Phil Steele @philsteele042 · Aug 1 Straight up records FBS last 5 years 1. Alabama 67-6 91.8% 2. Clemson 65-7 90.3% 3. Ohio St 62-7 89.9% 4. Oklahoma 54-13 80.6% 5. Wisconsin 53-15 77.9% 6. Boise St 52-15 77.6% 7. Georgia 52-16 76.5% 8 Appalachian St 48-16 75% 9. Stanford 47-19 71.2% 10. TCU 47-19 71.2%
  3. Oh I know Florida is on a different level, I used to stay with my cousins in Plantation every summer and it was unlike anything I've ever experienced. But the game isn't at peak Tampa heat, it is at the end of August and at night. Right now it says it should be 88 with a low of 77. Those are temps that Wisconsinites are very familiar with. That was my only point, that it does get humid in Wisconsin (not like peak Florida) so it shouldn't be a total shock to our guys. It's not like UCLA or Stanford coming down.
  4. I'd be shocked if he plays. NCAA still has to give him the green light and there is no way he is ready after more than a year away from the field. Chryst is not one to roll the dice if he doesn't absolutely have to and they have 3 guys they trust already so they can afford to let Cephus work his way back into the rotation slowly. I'd guess we will see Cephus back just in time for the Michigan game at the end of the month. Maybe he will get a handful of plays (if he is cleared) just to get him back out there but I really can't see him being much of a factor in this game. From a morale standpoint though, this is huge for the Badgers. By all reports he is very well thought of in the locker room and this has been a dark cloud hanging over a program that prides itself on doing things the right way while staying out of the police blotter.
  5. In a simple answer, not much. Some guys might cramp up but that always happens in week one, the Bulls will probably have a couple cases too. UW runs a ball control O so it's not going to be a game with 90+ snaps both ways which should also mitigate the weather's impact a bit. People all know that the weather in Wisconsin/Minnesota sucks. Usually the winter soaks up all the coverage because it is worse than just about anywhere else in the lower 48 and that is notable. Really though, the weather sucks because you get these extreme swings both ways, incredibly hot and humid during the summer then frigid and wet winters. We get the worst of both worlds here. It is certainly not Florida humid, but most of July in Madison was in the 90's with heat indexes around 100. Enough to get you used to working in the heavy air at least. Combined with modern nutrition/training staffs, weather shouldn't be much of an issue next week. But you never really know...
  6. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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