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  1. I'm not on the GT board lol. Maybe for grad school
  2. Thanks man! Yeah I've got an entry level IT job. Also, I'm actually only 20 Doesn't mean I can't drink though
  3. Sadly Saturday is my only freeday. Friday and Sunday I have Work stuff to do :/. If I get out early Friday I'll try
  4. You got me. Realistically I predict 21-10 Georgia Tech
  5. I predict Wisconsin goes 10-2 regular season, wins the conference, gets a NY6 bowl game, and has a finishing record of 12-2
  6. Awesome! I hope it's not a shutout, I predict 28-25 USF
  7. Dear Bullspen, turns out I'll be in Atlanta September 6-8 for a work thing, so my hotel got paid for. And I heard that yall play GT Saturday(the one day I'm free during the business trip). I already bought a USF shirt while I was down in Tampa for the Badgers game and was just wondering, where should I get a ticket? Like what section? Thanks and see everyone there!
  8. Yeah, looks like I can fly back without any issues and now I fly out later tonight! My favorite parts of last night was: 1. Jump Around in the parking lot and after the 3rd quarter(they refused to play it on the speakers inside Ray Jay, so we just started it anways 2. "Eat **** F**k you! with some fellow students around my sections! 3. Singin Build me up Buttercup in the 4th I want Wisconsin to play here every other year!
  9. Dear bullspen and bulls fans, Although sadly I missed out on meeting most of you, it was a wonderful experience, I made it on ESPN 4 times and had a good time, even went to Ybor after the game. PS: If you saw the dude in row 4 of section 125 with the bright red wisconsin shirt and the cheesehead, that was me. I also walked the whole concourse before the game and at halftime. Cheers and good luck next week against GT
  10. I just got back to my buddies place, we went out to Ybor after the game. Just wanted to say, I'm shocked by the score but I was treated wonderfully by your fans and I gave them the same hospitality.
  11. SJW, where if you complain and get offended enough, you're automatically right! -2019 Bullsh**
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