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  1. From the WV football site: Xavier Dye joined the Mountaineer coaching staff as the wide receivers coach in February 2019.A native of Greenwood, South Carolina, Dye came to West Virginia after serving as an offensive graduate assistant coach for the past two years at Clemson, assisting with the receiving corps. The Tigers finished with a 27-2 record during those years, won two Atlantic Coast Conference Championships, advanced to the CFP semifinals in 2017 and won the national championship in 2018.In 2018, the Tigers led the ACC in scoring, averaging 44.3 points per game (No. 4 natio
  2. Coach Scott could bring that CJL type juice the program needs with Florida recruiting prowess.
  3. Joey Knight just tweeted he has learned Willie wants to comeback.
  4. It seems Willie T wants to comeback to USF. Interesting
  5. Although I don’t think CCS is going anywhere after this season, whenever CCS does leave, USF should take a hard look at Eddie Gran. OC at Cincinnati and UK, has Florida recruiting ties.
  6. CWT was successful at WKU and USF, too short of a term at Oregon to evaluate his time there and his time at FSU was mediocre, I thought with another year he would turn it around. I think CWT is a winner, he will bounce back.
  7. Regardless of the man’s opinion, it’s sad that people are losing their newspaper jobs. These are people with families, bills, and etc... Unfortunately, the newspaper industry contributed significantly to their demise, by giving the paper away on the internet then trying to charge for it after it was free, bad business. They have also lost their cash cow classifies and advertising. It’s time for all newspapers to go digital, paper is dead.
  8. We are starting to see some progress, does the team have blemishes and shortcomings, absolutely. Every team has them except for maybe Bama and Clemson, enjoy the ride, I still think this team has an incredible run in them to become bowl eligible. Go Bulls
  9. I prefer the iconic U on the helmet. “Get off my lawn!”
  10. My 2 cents, the RBs too often try to bounce to the outside instead of running through the designed gap in the line. Additionally, QB reads are slow and throws are late or behind the receivers. Lastly, the O Line doesn’t appear to be working as one unit yet. These are fixable but take time. Hopefully, we see a more productive offense when we start playing conference opponents.
  11. One game doesn’t make a season, the true assessment of this team will be how they progress through the season, this team has the potential to finish strong. Keep everything in perspective, weather interrupted practices, and new offense, have had a negative impact coupled with a butt whipping, I’m sure the players and coaches are just as upset as the fans. This team can still achieve their goals. Stay positive!
  12. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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