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  1. Most of these guys have been on campus for the past month. Juco transfers who are immediately eligible: MacArthur Burnett (played in the spring) Tyrik Jones (been on campus since the beginning of summer) Ryan Thaxton ( will arrive when camp starts) Grad Transfers who are immediately eligible: (these guys have been on campus for almost the past month working out) Patrick Macon Darius Slade Devin Studstill Players who have to appeal for immediate eligibility(likely to be approved) : KJ Sails (has been with team for the past month working out)
  2. https://youtu.be/KFdKQLuk_NE Thaxton highlights spring practice at Tennessee and JUCO. Not sure on stats but judge for yourself. Lid looks like a player. As far as I understand he was not kicked off the team for stealing. Even that article that New England posted says something different. 2 different reports on when he is set to arrive. The Stampede is saying he is on campus( I know that's not true because I follow the kid on instagram). Joey is saying he will miss the 1st part of camp (again I'm skeptical because on Instagram the kid sayed he will be here next week).
  3. That's a silly statement, Debiase was a walk on at Miami and I'm still not sure if he is even a scholarship player here at USF. Thaxton was a scholarship player at Tennessee and tore up JUCO. Slade played last year at Arizona st but last year they moved to a 3-4 defense and he played end in a 3-4. Both of those players are way more decorated than Debiase. I would not be surprised at all if he is walking on here.
  4. This idea that Geoff Collins is a better coach than CCS is silly. Strong was a better D-coordinator and that's not arguable. Strong is a way more accomplished head coach and head to head they are 1-1. The 1st time we blew Temple out 43-7 and they could barely move the ball. This was coming off a year in which they neat maybe our greatest team in 2016 with Rhuleas Head coach. In 2018 we were leading 17-0 at half time. They can back and beat us 27-17 . To do that we have up a punt return for a td. Threw 2 picks anf fumbled a punt. We outgained them in most statistical categories. With that being said Tech could very well beat us next year but you have nothing to base that on. They are changing systems from a freaking option system they have run for the past 5 yrs at least. Add to that we beat them just last year.
  5. Dozer I disagree on Norman. He was dominant in pass pro in the spring game. Especially going against Grant and the other defensive ends. Livingstone was out so he didn't face him much and Reaves went up against Atterbury most often. Jennings played guard so i couldnt see much of him. Just on a side note going from left side or right side of the o line can be hard initially. It's almost like shooting a layup with the opposite hand initially. I bet they will be better in the fall.
  6. Billy will start somewhere. It's really hard to move from the right side to the left. Your most nimble lineman nwsidws your center will play left tackle. For them to play Billy there all spring is a big indicator that he is the guy or at least the backup. The only other guy who has game experience at that position is Jennings . You would have to figure it will be one of those 2. Just to add something about Hopple. He did not take one snap in the spring game on the left side or with the 1s . That's a big indicator as well that he will not play there in the fall.
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