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  1. Blown out by IUPUI....just saying. Couple players shouldn't cause that.
  2. The same offense with worse line coaching. Gets you what you are seeing. When your coach micro manages everything, this is what you get. If Bell had complete control, the offense would look nothing like this.
  3. This should always be the case...SMH
  4. Kerwin bell but the offense looks like Gilbert hmmmmm....what do you think is happening.
  5. You have no clue what you are talking about. Why this program continues to cast sour notes on Willie T is hilarious to me. I wish we could go back and remove everything he did for this ungrateful ass fan base.
  6. Hire Bell and call it a day. He's already here, proven winner with way less. Guarantee we start to take over this conference again. Also anyone with a brain knew this was a bad hire. It was a hope because of the money it saved. Call a spade a damm spade a spade, shame on Harlan and USF. Now y'all expect the fans to continue to show up for this crap. Harlan's current institution should have to pay for this crap. It's not right.
  7. lol yea that'll go over like a fart in church. Players play bad they deserve to be booed. Its not hard to execute a game plan you worked five days on. Its called focus.
  8. Opponent strength. For the trash comment above, in terms of football. They’d be right.
  9. But y’all just couldn’t stand CWT. CWT and USF were good for each other. But hey y’all got your REAL ball coach lol.
  10. And I’d hire him if I was USF jokes on you
  11. NO player development does that. Y'all always wanna blame Strong's awful program management on Willie.
  12. I wanted to say something regarding the Pre-Fernandez years, but I won’t do that those wounds all these years later are still fresh. I will say posters on here always talking down Judy Genshaft need a history lesson. Sadly, not much has changed in certain areas besides different office placement and a new building. But I’ll always be grateful to Judy for standing by the players. So, we pick up after Winters last year after finally being forced out before the season. Enter Jose, new behind the ears and not ready at all. They didn’t win much especially with No Smith, those around then know why, but he did have a rough diamond in Shepard. I’ll give you that season, actually, I’ll give you every season until Dickson got on campus, after everything that happened what was to be expected? New coach no talent besides one stud that dogged out every night. Bad combination even Lebron can’t win alone. Then was The Big Tree years Dickson and Miller they were good but still the others had a long way to go. Sounds harsh but it is what it is, the best players were good the other players always seemed under developed offensively. We can keep this same sentiment when you add in Grace to the picture which was the start of the Guard Phase. You had Grace and Lawson, then Lawson and the Twins, side note one of my favorite teams to watch play besides the 03 team was the 08 team my first year officially on campus. Then The Twins (Andrea and Andrell) and Orekhova, and finally Orekhova/Williams/Jenkins (Cycle breaks add in a killer rebounder) (but continues average scorer) Now we enter this current phase I say his coaching has grown because the quick assent happened when Williams/Jenkins/(name a list of three but really Laksa and some others each night) started to step up. Its the first time the others looked like they could carry the team for a night if possible. This season he has grown the most IN MY EYES because of how he has fielded a team of others and for the most part they’re holding their own. They won’t win many more most likely, but the coaching stepped up the last couple of years. He’s done way less with more if you ask me. It’s an X’s and O’s thing as well, USF is in games all the time now no matter the opponent. You couldn’t say that before even when Williams was playing. It’s a shame what happened to the team, but all is not lost. We Shalt see I thought this with CWT then he went to FSU and forced the GCO to much on a team built to run power. Coaches get in their own ways sometimes. Just how it goes, sometimes you don’t realize until the season is over the answer was right in front you the whole time.
  13. You'd be making an ass of yourself. My bloodlines run strong in the Bulls Women's Basketball program.
  14. Agree it was a quick accent to relativity and we've been slowly tightening the screws. Shame what happened this year as I thought we could've taken at least one of three off the Huskies this season. With how they've played these last couple of games, who knows might've been able to take two...how the cards fall sometimes. Proud they continue to fight
  15. I've never learn more about a coach and watched them develop as much as Jose Fernandez has this season. He'll look back on the season and not remember the pains as much, because it's where he learned to coach like a champion. Our ladies should not be anywhere close in these games. Yet they show up every night adjusted as well as you could expect, and have even pulled some these games out. That level of detail will serve this program well going forward.
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