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  1. They are too busy celebrating their Peewee basketball trophy thingy to respond
  2. USF's athletic program posted an overall 84-percent graduation success rate (GSR) in the latest Division I data released Wednesday by the NCAA
  3. Is that a serious question?......UCF student-athletes are graduating at a higher rate than any other NCAA Division I FBS public institution in the nation. Based on data released by the NCAA, UCF has an overall Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 94 percent.
  4. https://twitter.com/JKepnerWFTV/status/1085320445501550592
  5. He didn't win 12 of 15 for a top ten program now did he?
  6. yup pond scum, not worth the effort........
  7. Nobody has a freaken clue who USF is!!!! https://thespun.com/aac/ucf/ucf-freshman-quarterback-announces-transfer-destination/amp
  8. UCF managed to curb stomp USF with our 2nd string QB, was asking a bit too much from a QB with 2 previous starts to go up against #13.............
  9. USF cant act like they have been there before because they have NOT ever won a **** thing........#EmptyTrophyCase
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