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  1. I guess my focus was too narrow, I completely didn’t even consider those options. The tv market alone is what brought them in. A Houston promoted into the ACC brings new eyeballs and a new market too, sports are competitive enough (currently), and the conference gets exposure to recruits in Texas. But yea, I can agree with you that a pro-rel set up is a pipe dream at best.
  2. As of right now, there’s no penalty for sucking in the power 5. What do Rutgers actually offer the Big 10 besides academics?
  3. I think it would give the upper echelon better Strength of Schedule, closer games, more eyeballs on the product. I think it would give the lower echelon an opportunity to get those better recruits, “if I go with USF we can move up part way through, and maybe compete for a national championship when I am a senior”, it would get them more possibly more money. You would just have to figure out a pay structure, and convince the P5 that it’s somehow a good idea for them to risk traditional school moving down. I know it will never happen, but sometimes getting creative creates a bette
  4. That essentially was my idea. Have a P5 match with a G5 conference. Worst team moves down, best team moves up. Only problem would be is how to figure out the pay contracts. I cannot figure out a scheme for that.
  5. Oh ok, I can agree with that. He was their success. Good for him knowing he was bigger than that program and taking a shot on a bigger idea. Shame on him for beating USF on that third and long. Quick question, what does everyone think of a promotion-relegation setup for college football? I can explain my idea further if anyone would like.
  6. I hope we can keep all of these players. Playing time should be a big factor in keeping these guys. I imagine staying close to home is a bigger deal, since traveling is a question mark during a pandemic. So we should get a good base of local guys this year, and maybe next. I am excited to see what CJS can build. I think he has the ability to say the right things to get players here, let’s see if he can actually coach them up and game plan for them.
  7. They probably didn’t have players capable to run the offense. So they gave it “lethal simplicity “
  8. It is. We could start have penalty issues on top of this, as well as losing all games.
  9. I still think we would get pennies on the dollar for our product. if the P5 do separate, do the G5 schools hop in with FCS? At that point, what separates G5 from them?
  10. I don’t want to give them a reason to try and claim any of our national championships.
  11. I enjoy the Matte Green helmets that we have, the black so flo jerseys, and the all white jerseys and helmets (the ones with the green outlined bull). I absolutely hate the shiny gold helmets. I had mixed emotions about the slime green helmets.
  12. I feel confident that Scott can get us that Conference Championship we so desperately need.
  13. @MikeG hope you are well. USF 4 Collins 15 Yetna 7 56 % I hope Yetna is playing
  14. Ayyy I won something! I have my info on my account so he should be able to find it.
  15. Honestly that was the only part of my statement that I was conflicted with making. over the full breadth of the season. I would say this was our 3rd best defensive showing.
  16. As of now, it’s his job to lose in the off-season. I think a full spring with everyone will put McCloud on a shorter leash than expected and allow the other QBs to get up to speed. If he plays like he did against UCF, I would be happy. My question for everyone is this: does this final game against UCF show that these coaches are capable of player development? My opinion is yes, both sides looked much better this game. We still had special team issues, but that FG wasn’t going to win us the game. Some of the playcalling was too cute imo.
  17. ****. I know I was close on parts of the guess. That FG% was so bad this game
  18. Thank God. I did have more joyous feelings in this last game than any other game this season.
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