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  1. 8-4 Losses to Wisconsin, BYU, Cincy, Temple score to USF-UCF game: 42-28
  2. Lol. No lie I graduated from USF and bleed green and gold. honest to god thought this would be an interesting hire.
  3. I say why not, he has coached and recruited in Florida for awhile. Take him from UCF start some real ****, make the rivalry mean something more.
  4. Who do we replace them with? Who would be our new HC? i say we stoke the rivalry and hire Randy Shannon as HC
  5. Is it me or Barnett not as good as we were all hoping.
  6. I am going to kiss Wilcox and McCants next year. *****kkkkk
  7. Let’s be thankful we don’t have to sit through a halftime show of Imagine Dragons.
  8. I think our conference is pretty decent. I say swap any of our teams with the middle to lower half of other conferences and they could compete. Except for UConn, poor poor UConn
  9. I would be ok if we won our side of the conference next year, and at least beat UCF.
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