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  1. Someone from Spain, but I haven’t seen a name yet . . . Anyone?
  2. I guess we should just see if we can get ready for the conference tournament. Wonder how this affects our two seniors - Collins and Brown? Does this make them more likely to return for a fifth year, keeping our entire roster intact for next season?
  3. It’s true that none of this helps us much if we don’t help ourselves, but it would be very satisfying to watch them go down in flames because of how poorly - and with such little class - they handled their own success.
  4. The $ is significant for them, especially since they just borrowed money from their foundation. UCF Foundation to aid cash-strapped athletics department University of Central Florida trustees approved measures intended to help the school’s financially struggling sports programs weather...
  5. I’d go with Matthew because he loved beating them so much. He’d NEVER let us down against those guys - til his last, dying breath.
  6. He sure has become the journeyman of college football. Not sure why he can’t get a head coaching job in the MAC, Sun Belt, C-USA and just settle in.
  7. I don’t see how they hire a coach until they have an AD, so it may be Randy Shannon for them this year as an interim. If so, they’re in a world of hurt on the recruiting end and they’re already thin with all the talent that they lost this offseason. If Gabriel decides to move, they’re in a total rebuild for the next few years and it will be all the more important for us to get up off the deck and reclaim that spot.
  8. I’m lovin’ every minute of this. If they convince Gabriel to go, too, it would just be the icing on the cake. Maybe they’ll hire Taggart.
  9. JPP and MVS both balled out in the NFC title game, volleyball opened its season with 2 wins and men’s tennis beat Clemson on Saturday and Auburn on Sunday. Go Bulls!
  10. Teams with established quarterbacks are always the ones that are positioned to succeed, so Memphis and SMU are also in danger spots right now with their established, productive QBs moving on.
  11. I’m interested in their assumption that UCF will simply reload at the skill positions despite losing their top 2 RBs and 3 of their top 4 WRs. Maybe they will, but it’s definitely not a given. Not with the defense they played last season. It sure feels like they’re headed in the other direction. White leaving for Tennessee can’t be a plus and they’re starting to rumble about Heupel. If Gabriel weren’t among the returnees for 2021, they could be in for a serious plunge unless everything goes right. All it takes is for that offense to start turning the ball over more with some inexperienced guys
  12. I’ll give him one thing, he sure is a true believer. Get out the torches and pitchforks! They might mace you, but “It’s a revolution!”
  13. Haven’t seen much talk about this, but UCF is losing A TON of playmakers. Already declared for the draft are their top 2 rushers who also catch a bunch of passes (McRae and Anderson), and three of their top four receivers (Williams, Harris and Nixon). And their defense was obviously a mess already. They are also a very pedestrian 13-7 over their past 20 games. They’re coming back to the pack.
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