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  1. So the Entertainment Sports Programming Network thinks enough of the AAC to offer a significant broadcasting contract, but ALL of its commentators, analysts, on-air personalities, etc. ignore and dismiss the league completely. Strange days, huh?
  2. Thus, my comment: "How streaky is Justin Brown?"
  3. Looks like Kenny may have overscheduled just a bit to start the season. He usually plays good non-conference, but this is really tough. Baseball may be the same.
  4. National Signing Day has "unofficially" moved to December for many schools, including ours. Don't sweat it.
  5. NE, I respect your opinion, too, but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. In your scenario, if a reporter had info that indicated a player's injury meant he wasn't - or was - going to be ready to play in the next game and didn't publish it, he isn't doing his job. This is regardless of whether the coach wanted it out there or not. If you make exceptions there, when does it stop? Does he sit on info he has about a player failing a drug test, abusing his girlfriend, stealing crab legs, etc. because the coach doesn't want it made public and it "adversely impacts the team?" You can't pick and choose which news to report if that's your job. It's not a reporter's job to help give the team he covers a competitive advantage by withholding legitimate news that may "adversely impact the team" - like the availability status of a four-time conference player of the week. I guarantee you Joey Knight agrees with me.
  6. Honestly, it's just nice to even be thinking about this in February. I don't have to tell you all that it's usually long over by now.
  7. DC needs to develop a mid-range game. If he had that, it would be huge. He ALWAYS tries to take the ball all the way to the rim - even in heavy traffic - when he should pull up or tear drop. If he can diversify his offensive game a little instead of just putting his head down all the time, he'd be a special player because he's so strong. NO DOUBT. If we had more consistent perimeter play from Brown and Lang, we'd be nearly unbeatable.
  8. The whites and pinstripes are fine. These are just plain awful. And in Florida?
  9. That's nice. Now go make some shots.
  10. Yes! And why did Charlie not sign a kicker in December? He'd better sign one late. We can't have a guy kicking off next year who can't get it past the 10 yard line and kicks it out of bounds half the time.
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