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  1. South Tampa

    Do you agree?

    I don’t what the big deal is, each AD at a P5 school would do the same if they were honest. If USF went 25-0, I hope the AD would fight for the respect.
  2. South Tampa

    This Makes Me Hate Them So Much More

    When will the idiot USF fan stop trashing UCF’s stadium? Did you not see the AAC Championship game?
  3. Not following this, what is the big deal about a Publix on the edge of campus?
  4. South Tampa

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    On what grounds can a USF fan argue with a UCF fan? There is not one USF fan on this board that wouldn’t trade football programs with UCF.
  5. I wouldn’t look at it that way. I would say UCF is the creme of the non P5 schools and every college football fans knows it. I went to the USF UCF football game this year, such second class citizens USF is in their own stadium that the endzones were not even painted. The only time I have ever been in the USF campus was for orientation and move in day for my son. I live in Hyde Park, when we see each other it’s never on campus, he meets me off campus, there summer my is very little student life in campus, UCF’s “tin can” gives them a lot of student life from what I watched on TV. Raymond James will end up being the worst thing to happen to USF in the end in terms of their football program.
  6. Apologize, ESPN didn’t show the article for the Sentinel so I didn’t know. I just Sala’s what the rest of America saw, a rocking home college football game.
  7. USF fans need to accept reality about their program and fan base. I have been to games at both UF and FSU back when neither stadiums had endzones and both were quite poor looking and that was when state funds could be used for sporting events. USF needs an on campus stadium, most agree with that. What USF needs to build is the issue. USF isn’t building anything special unless they find $100 M donation. It would cost nearly double what UCF spent to build today exactly what they build ten or so years ago, labor is much more expensive today. Now add on that UCF has added multiple buildings around their stadium. i watched on TV and can tell you that placed looked amazing. That isn’t happening at Raymond James today, I don’t care what USF did in 2007 or whatever year it was.
  8. What a dumbass you look like, get the feeling you heard that before. Keep trashing g their stadium, you ooze if jealousy.
  9. PAC 12 Championship game will have less than 20,000 people at it tonight. Not defending UCF fans here but selling 42,000 tickets in a week is pretty good if you ask me. Most schools that go to Championship games are not selling the tickets, the conferene is and get a month or two head start.
  10. South Tampa

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I would say most fan bases are like that, many have invaded this board recently.
  11. Wow, as I’ve pointed out, I’m new to this board. I went to a P5 school it both my kids go to USF. The arrogance of those USF fans is astounding. Are any of them still around?
  12. South Tampa

    Ucf Refs

    They got a couple calls that appeared obvious to me were bad calls. Never understood why they called the last fumble on Cincy and that was a targeting if I’ve ever seen one.
  13. I have grown so tired of our fans bashing UCF’s stadium. Yes it’s cheap looking, yes it looks flimsy but what the hell do we have? Ray Jay has ruined us. Our fans will not support a stadium that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Ray Jay has, at the same time we can’t afford to build what the fan base would accept. I don’t care what we build but it needs to be on campus. I did not attend USF, both my children do. I don’t have the history that many do but I did attend a school with an on campus stadium. USF may have had good atmospheres in the past but I doubt that buzz was on campus. It’s the build up all week that leads to the furor on a Saturday. If you don’t think USF needs a stadium an on campus now, you’re part of the problem. I have a junior and a freshman at USF, they will graduate without ever knowing the feeling of an on campus football game, existing alumni have no reason to return to campus. Figure it out, UCF has, even with the stadium many of you like to make fun of.
  14. South Tampa

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    I think Judy leaving is the best thing for our athletic programs. I always got the sense that she micromanage. Let the AD do his job and we will be fine.
  15. It looked pretty solid on my TV. Would love to see that in Our campus some day.