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  1. Bull Speed Ahead

    Comment from a player...

    If you coaches don't learn why bother?
  2. If we re-hired CJL I'd donate 100k instantly. It'd show such a ballsy move forward that it'd deserve accolade even if it didn't work.
  3. Bull Speed Ahead

    You're supposed to learn from failures

    One more point: The consistent "lack of execution" narrative from coaches is pathetic. You're asking these young men to execute things they're not equipped to do well. They're trying. A sports car won't tow a boat very well no matter how much you try. Try learning how to use your sport car in ways it's likely to bring value instead?
  4. You always fail at things. During the 7-0 start many people noticed failures. I'm a director at a large tech company and we celebrate people who notice things going wrong before they completely change culture and have significant impacts. We have bi-weekly reviews and retrospectives throughout the company to learn from failures; and celebrate successes. I have no faith this staff knows how to learn from failure and neither do half our fans who just call such posters "doom and gloom". Failure is okay. Not doing anything to mitigate it isn't. Fire people who don't subscribe to this.
  5. Stop bringing in all these guys who have no idea how to utilize Florida athletes. We've literally only ever seen success against a decent schedule with a spread offense. The end. Any offensive coach interviewed here should need to talk about how they're going to get on the edges and use misdirection. If you talk about power, automatic veto. All we do is run north/south and throw underneath routes to WRs who have to break tackles to advance up field. This isn't rocket science.
  6. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.