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  1. HornHead

    USF player in Jail

    Not any less smart than the man doing nothing
  2. HornHead

    USF player in Jail

    So you're saying its a privilege to drive on the roads that I already pay for through taxes? Is it also a privilege to live in the house that you pay for as well? Or does the government ultimately own everything, and we are just gracious plebs
  3. HornHead

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    I really would place UCF over Oklahoma this year, only because UCF went undefeated last year also and beat Auburn. Winning all your games 2 years in a row, including beating a NY6 team that was deemed too good for them is so impressive, and criminal to ignore. I'm sure you can argue that their schedule is weak, but if you are going by most deserving, they are bar none, the most deserving team in all of college football.
  4. If somebody overachieves and makes your brand something special, I believe there should be some level of loyalty to that person. If Quinton Flowers was able to play for us again, I don't give a crap if McKenzie Milton is available.
  5. I would consider myself a pretty big time Bulls fan, as I wear USF gear fairly often and have gone to about 60% of the home games since 2007 (including a few away games). If Jim Leavitt was back, I would be so thrilled and it would probably bring out a whole new level of fandom for me. Jim Leavitt is USF football, and it confuses me how not everybody seems to have that same feeling towards him
  6. HornHead

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    It's completely your opinion that UCF is not as good, because it hasn't been proven on the field in 2 years so....
  7. HornHead

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    I have no idea how Cincinnati isn't considered a top 25 at 10-2 with their only losses coming in overtime, and to 2 straight years undefeated UCF. They have been putting teams out pretty consistently as well
  8. There is still a lot to gain from a win here. 1. 8-5 is respectable 2. Charlie needs every win he can to justify keeping his job 3. Establishes brand We basically just can't be seen losing to Marshall
  9. For the record, I am not saying beating your woman is right. But shouldn't responsibility for this action be put on the person who is committing the act?
  10. Can someone explain to me how Urban Meyer displayed "indefensible behavior", as Tom 'douche bag' Jones says, when he never hit anybody? As far as I know, Urban was just coaching football. Since when is it an obligation to get involved in someone else's marriage?
  11. Some recognizable talent around the league for sure. Q Eatmon and Sean Price are also in the league on the Orlando squad, while BJ Daniels was drafted to Salt Lake. I like the regional players to teams concept and some of the rule adjustments
  12. I am not necessarily letting Barnett off the hook by saying this, but the O-line play has been horrible. He is getting zero help in protection
  13. The Big Ten is only seen as better than the old Big East BECAUSE of Ohio State and Michigan though. So you would think the coach of the major school in the conference would do well. Anyway, clearly you don't like him. Is it because of slap gate?