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  1. Yeah, even though I support UCF ooc, in conference I hope they lose every game. Plus, it's not even close to decided that they win the conference. There is very little chance they go through USF, Cincy, Temple and (if necessary) CCG vs Houston undefeated.
  2. This fan base is so confused on the UCF thing so let's break down cheering points. 1. We cheer for all AAC teams out of conference. Including UCF. It helps conference perception. 2. In conference, we currently want Cincinnati, Temple and UCF to lose as many games as possible. There should be no confusion. UCF beating Memphis does nothing to help USF. Memphis is a conference member.
  3. HornHead

    Rest of the season

    Exactly Mike, once you take off the big picture glasses, the games become more enjoyable.
  4. HornHead


    We do a ton of winning, but we never win the important games. Never have. This year is clear cut. Win vs Cincinnati and UCF. That's basically it. A loss vs Houston won't matter as much, as long as we win the games we need. Let's do that this year
  5. HornHead

    Rest of the season

    As soon as we get our first loss, I'm blaming it on not having Terrance Horne
  6. HornHead

    Know the Foe: Tulsa

    The speed, recruiting rankings, and standings are all measurables that say our players are better than theirs
  7. Just my opinion, it means nothing how much a team wins by. CCS plays young guys all game, and has shown to have no interest in running up scores. Nor should he need to. I'm not sure why our fan base and sports writers are so skeptical about a team that always wins
  8. HornHead

    Final End of Season Record

    I'm sorry but predicting a loss to temple deserves a down vote
  9. HornHead

    15-25 Poll Teams

    Idk how we aren't a 25 team considering how GT, Illinois and Elon are doing, couple with the fact we are 5-0. Plus, most teams have flaws. Asking to be ranked 25, we only have to look better than teams who lose to Old Dominion
  10. I'm shocked that people on this board think it will be close vs UMass just because Montgomery is finally making ECU a decent team again. We are out of UMass's league. 20+ point win, I guarantee it
  11. Everything is going perfectly for our season. Even Houston won. USF for sure is ranked next poll
  12. Is it weird it upsets me that they won't include UCF? Auburn lost 4 total games, including to UCF since UCFs last loss, and still is above them. I think I'd rather separate from the entitled 5 and form our own league. They really have hijacked the sport
  13. HornHead

    Games to Watch Week 6

    I'm looking forward to seeing 5-0 Cincinnati host Tulane. One of these days we will see Cincinnati play someone above a MAC level. But Tulane did just knock off Memphis, and their LSU transfer at QB is replacing their previously struggling QB Banks.
  14. HornHead

    9/30 Polls

    The Virginia tech ranking is the one that really pushed me over the edge this week. VT lost 49-35 to Old Dominion, who by the way is 1-4. For more context into how bad that loss is, ODU lost by 42 to FCS Liberty, lost to ECU, Charlotte, and FIU. This today has made me completely lose faith that any of the games matter