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  1. I think it's fair to say that without Yetna, we may not win the first round of the conference tournament. He's by far our most important piece
  2. I liked the article and generally like the work they do at TDS. They are only pointing out the fact that he was the one who was supposed to carry this team because he has tremendous potential. I think DC and CBG know that he's capable of more, and I'm sure we will see it before the season is over.
  3. I'm guessing the new CB Burnett is going to wait a year?
  4. He might take a bit to get going again, and I hope we don't rush him back in the line up, but Horne has all the tools needed to be the next Rodney Adams. This offense has so much potential next year if they take advantage of the off season
  5. Bell certainly has a great resume. I'm optimistic about next year considering he's going to have a complete off season with Barnett (something we didn't have this year), St Felix, Wilcox and Ford. Plus the offensive line should be more experienced. The only position that might be slightly worse is RB, with Cronkrite (probably) and Bell leaving.
  6. This is widely considered one of his best games, against an objectively bad team. Now I'm not going to say he can't make an NFL roster, because he is explosive hitting the hole, but he isn't doing anything "special" here. I thought our offensive line deserved more of the credit, as they are the ones creating the holes for him to run through, rather than him making something out of nothing like NFL backs should be doing against UMass. One more weakness is I see small DB's consistently bring him down immediately, instead of him dragging on for anymore yards. Either way, I like him as a pla
  7. Cronk isn't near the back Marlon Mack is. Mack has WAY better vision, cuts, acceleration, and running strength. Cronk may be better than DJ, but he's much closer to DJ than he is to Mack. Cronkrite will never get more than 5 carries in an NFL game in my opinion. I'm not rooting against him, I'm just calling it like I see it. Feel free to point out when he made his own plays, instead of running through wide open gaps, which Ford was doing too. Mack made his own plays all the time without great blocks, which he is still doing in the NFL.
  8. Outside of Houston, USF had the worst bowl showing in the conference
  9. Sorry guys, but I completely sympathize with their cause. The way they were treated in the ranking system after two straight years was dirty. They beat Auburn convincingly, two straight years of wins, and Oklahoma wasn't 'definitively' better than UCF. UCF deserved to be the last team in IMO. Playoffs really need to be expanded to 8. 5 Conference champions, 1 G5, and 2 at large. Now please, leave UCF alone, because all this complaining about how they are 'acting' after such monumental success comes off as pretty jealous. They deserve that national championship claim, and they deserve the
  10. JPP is the only reason I had to cheer for the Bucs this year. He's a straight baller. Now Mack is making me root for the Colts in the playoffs
  11. I bet hes referring to Casteneda and Rideau who both had pretty good games vs App St
  12. Not any less smart than the man doing nothing
  13. So you're saying its a privilege to drive on the roads that I already pay for through taxes? Is it also a privilege to live in the house that you pay for as well? Or does the government ultimately own everything, and we are just gracious plebs
  14. I really would place UCF over Oklahoma this year, only because UCF went undefeated last year also and beat Auburn. Winning all your games 2 years in a row, including beating a NY6 team that was deemed too good for them is so impressive, and criminal to ignore. I'm sure you can argue that their schedule is weak, but if you are going by most deserving, they are bar none, the most deserving team in all of college football.
  15. If somebody overachieves and makes your brand something special, I believe there should be some level of loyalty to that person. If Quinton Flowers was able to play for us again, I don't give a crap if McKenzie Milton is available.
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