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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. #FakeNews UCF can hold their own in football, but should save the academic smack for in state rivals closer to them in the rankings such as FIU and Nova Southeastern.
  2. I know nobody ever likes a new logo when it’s released. The gators didn’t like their gator head logo calling it a head on a platter. FSU didn’t like the new Osceola logo (it’s still not as good as what it replaced imo). But this logo is really bad. I don’t know what the worst part of it is; the bull, that gold is no longer a color, or the font. They’re replacing the light pole covers on campus that used to use the athletic bull and it’s a huge downgrade. The USF website looks like a middle or high school now; not a preeminent university. I don’t understand how this helps improve USF into 1 brand. There’s still an athletic logo and an academic logo, and clubs are still going to make their own logos based on the two. Now there will be more confusion as the colors of the two are not congruent. Not good! I read in here people didn’t like the athletic logo when it first came out? Why?
  3. Great to see! Florida schools have really climbed a lot over the last 5 years; uf, FSU and USF have all made large jumps. It’s great the state is investing in its universities. The preeminent funding for USF should ensure it stays on the rise!
  4. Agree. The old logo was just fine for academic. Similar in design to what uf has, though uf's font has a bit of a stronger appearance with the straight seriffs. The new font is laughable. If anything, they should've done some type of shield with a bull and a strong looking USF font.
  5. Too bad it was a mistake. I would've literally bet my house on USF +9.5 Lovie is going to be verrrrry disappointed.
  6. Looks like some clip art. Not very professional for an academic logo.
  7. USF should get a refund on that study put together for its OCS. I'm an FSU alum, but have always kept tabs on USF being from Tampa, and now going to USF for grad school... so this is a bit of an outsider's perspective of someone now rooting for USF. No one goes to college football games for seat backs, cup holders, large jumbotrons, or whatever other luxuries Ray Jay offers. Do you know how many games I would go back up to Tallahassee for if FSU had a um type arrangement? Many fewer than I do now. Doak Campbell isn't nearly as nice, feature rich, comfortable, etc as Raymond James or Seminole Hard Rock Stadium -- and yet it couldn't be more perfect. When I go back up for FSU games, it feels like I'm back home. There's no better way to connect with your alma mater than returning to your campus, hitting up old favorite spots around campus, tailgating, and then going to the game at a stadium you used to walk to from your dorm room. When you go to a football game at Ray Jay, what connection is there to the University other than the logo on the helmet? This is what separates the college football experience from the pros. Going to a college football game is about much more than the football game. Also, you need to get students to go to games in the first place so they'll have that burning desire to come back. I got an email from USF last week -- average student attendance was 4,000 last year... and it seemed like they were bragging about this! For the best team in USF history and a team contending for a conference championship and NY6 bowl game. This number instantly doubles with even a UCF quality OCS (sorry -- fighting words I know).The problem described above is exacerbated when alumni never even went to games as students.
  8. Thanks guys. As the name suggests, been in Tampa my whole life. Starting grad school at USF this fall, so I’m hopping on the Bulls bandwagon!
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