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  1. damandan28

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    Don't worry about our relationship buddy. Don't get me wrong the wins are good but people saying that they're from the Big East or the tallest midget should correlate to multiple championships. With the way the people post, and attendance wise, you would think USF is in the slumps. They think they're too big for the AAC but USF is, relatively, a new program (the 9th youngest in the FBS) and they're doing a lot better than most teams.
  2. damandan28

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    With what championships though?
  3. damandan28

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    And unfortunately you're not the tallest. You have to win until realignment comes back around
  4. HAHAHA you guys are acting like we actually won a conference championship at the Big East (the retarded bother of the P5 in football who hasnt been relevant since 2005). You think we're are better than the AAC when we haven't won a conference championship in a group full of scrubs. You think the BE was great? Who were the team there? Rugters, UCONN, Cincy, Syracuse? Good for WVU and Louisville for making something of their opportunity but which group do you actually think we're part of? You think moving to the ACC would've been a good move? Look at Rutgers (a team that actually won a BE championship) their FB program is dying. At least we have a chance right now to build a program. Lets not even mention basketball, we're getting out **** kicked in more in the AAC than in the BE. Winning changes everything, look at UCF. We laughed out asses off when they went 0-12 but now they went undefeated so now who cares about the 0-12 season? The reason why our fan base is dying is because we have no history. ******* UCF has more history in the past 5 years than throughout our program's history yet you guys want to say our program is dying because we're in the AAC? The program is dying because we're losing fans after having a 11-2 year because they think we should be higher. We're right where we deserve to be. Guess what guys, taking a good look, the "golden age" of USF football wasn't that great.