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  1. You must not know how scheduling works if you think a G5 team can just schedule Clemson, Bama, and OSU just like that.
  2. Oh for sure I thought it would miss. Especially with the way that game was going.
  3. I hope so. But the way I read that quote from BJM I took it as we're playing Reaves at MLB again this week.
  4. I've been looking at the numbers, and I just don't understand how Jake Vivonetto lost his job to Coby Weiss. He won the job in fall camp, started the first two games of the season and went 2/2 on field goals with a long of 41 yards.Then apparently he got sick (according to an article I read on Weiss after his game winner vs Tulsa) and never got the job back. Weiss comes in and is 7/10 on FGs, which doesn't look too bad except for the fact that he is 2/5 on FGs further than 30 yards. That is not good...At all... Sure he hit the game winner at Tulsa but that was a very short FG that any kicker should make. I just don't know how you punish a guy for getting sick, who won the job in camp and has yet to miss a FG in a game. It would be one thing if Weiss came in and lit it the world on fire but he hasn't at all. I have very little faith in our kicking game whenever we line up for a FG. I don't know, maybe Vivonetto's injury/sickness is worse than we know. Maybe he looks horrible in practice. Maybe they just wanna go with the younger guy.... It's just weird to me because most coaches don't have guys lose starting positions for getting injured.
  5. I don't understand putting Reaves at MLB in the middle of the season. He looked lost out there last week. You have backups for a reason. I thought Kiersten Johnson and Dwayne Boyles played relatively well when they've been put in the games this year. Plus...they're actually linebackers. They played there, practiced there, watched film/studied there.... But during the most important stretch of the season you wanna take a guy who's been at the position for one week (and not a good week) and stick him back there vs one of the best offenses in the conference? Ok.
  6. The biggest issue I've seen from our offense the last few weeks has been the inability to pickup the blitz. I feel it started vs ECU and they had success with it, and now every team since has been blitzing us on every obvious passing down with great success. Barnett's been getting knocked around and rattled early, which affects him throughout the game. Last week he got hit so much early in the game that he started feeling pressure that wasn't even there later in the game, which caused bad throws. We need to find a way to slow down the blitz. I feel like a RB screen behind a blitz would go for a big play consistently, and would make teams think twice about sending the house. Or if anything, on an obvious passing down instead if sending 4 or 5 guys out on routes, max protect and send two guys out on routes. Our WR's are talented enough to beat man coverage. Give Barnett time to throw and let our guys make a play on the ball. We just have to keep the QB upright. All I know is we have to do something to help out our young o-line with the blitz, otherwise teams will continue to do it and our offense will never get in sync.
  7. I made next week's newspaper cover for the TBT. Saved them some time.
  8. We can take bets as to what perfectly healthy player from the UMass game is mysteriously not going to make the trip to Tulsa?
  9. I've never seen a team lose so many players to injuries stemming from practice and not the actual game. Every week it's like a game of "Who's not playing today who was perfectly healthy last game?" We're supposed to have gotten healthier during the bye week and we get back and Saloman is out. Is it all just bad luck or is Strong running these guys into the ground at practice? You never wanna be the person who says the coach is working the guys too hard, but guys are dripping like flies and it's all happening at practice...And the most frustrating part is that we don't find out about any of it until right before the game each week.
  10. I don't know of any studies but I can attest to this being true to me specifically. I grew up more of an NFL fan more so than college football. Never been to a college game as a kid. I went to USF during the 06-09 seasons and fell in love with the program during those crazy years. When I graduated in 2009 I bought season tickets and have had them ever since, rarely missing a home game in 10 years and going to several away games too. Had I never gone to the games in college I most certainly wouldn't have become a 10 year season ticket holder and die hard fan. It all started for me as a student, so I can see where he's coming from.
  11. Should beat Cincy and Temple, but wouldn't be surprised if we blew one. Houston will be tough. UCF is most likely a loss. 10-2 or 9-3.
  12. I learned this year to keep a roster handy when watching the games. Each week so far I've had to look someone up during the game to see who they were. Last week I was wondering about Bentlee Sanders and Jaymon Thomas all game and wondering who is #24 and #14? (Vincent Davis and Nick Roberts) You never know who Charlie's gonna roll out each week. Hopefully it builds good depth and experience. I am very curious about Naytron Culpepper though. He looked great at the end of last year as a true freshman, then he just disappeared without a word.
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