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  1. After two games, we know we have a legit QB in Tim McClain . And we know we don't have a legit RB like Marlon Mack . And that the defense has a long ways to go .
  2. I'm 69 years young and hope I'm around when our Bulls play in their own stadium in a conference that has a REAL chance for a national championship .
  3. "Except that dude just yoinked Aresco's top four teams." Talk is nice but I'd rather have action .
  4. 1. Florida 2. 41 - 6 3. Joiner 4. Gregory 5. total yards 210 Gator fans will out number Bull's fans by huge margin thus this will be like a Gators home game.
  5. I think Fortin needs to start practicing holding a clipboard! Start Williams to see if he has got what it takes with McClain as backup and special plays but not exceed 4 games . Marsh???? Fortin was so disappointing , Sickening, embarrassing ....and on and on .
  6. Chucky falls in line with Skippy....Skip destroyed what Jim built and Charles destroyed what Willy (Flowers) built . Hope Scott builds and then stays .
  7. Maybe you take two tablespoons full of castor oil followed with a large glass of prune juice . That will surely remove your negatives : )
  8. We win 6 games this year maybe 8 if the ball bounces are way.
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