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  1. Are you honestly trying to compare Coach Frost to Strong? Coach Frost reinvigorated a winless team and brought in a bunch of talent. He added a ton of things like playing music at practices and instilled a brotherhood culture that became so strong, even after hearing that he was heading to Nebraska - they band together and won the Conference Championship/Peach Bowl. On the other hand, Coach Strong neutered amazing talent and tanked the team. It's not conjecture, if you actually watched your team play - there was no fight in them towards the end of the season. There's a reason he had to kick out 11 players. In fact, there is even a player saying that "they were just going through the motions."
  2. It's one thing to be optimistic, it's another to assume that you're going to win all your hard games after an abysmal ending while retaining the same captain responsible for it. I'll be the first one to eat crow if Coach Strong is able to turn that program around after losing the trust of many of those that are returning. You've got two extremely difficult games as your first two games with a brand new OC. It would be one thing if Wisconsin and GT were mid to late season, but my money is on some growing pains that will probably permeate for the rest of the season. Me personally, I would love nothing more than to see you guys beat those two and ride that gravy train of momentum towards our game on Black Friday. Makes for good football and gives the two fan bases something to really look forward to.
  3. My first instinct would be to tear this whole thing apart and explain what they saw then and what they see now. But you actually took the time to articulate your opinion, so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Props for getting into the Big East when you did. That should have catapulted your program much farther than it did. Regarding your consideration for the B12, the B12 had zero reason to expand and simply was looking to leverage a clause in their contract for more money. But i'll bite. Let's just say the B12 was going to expand, did you see the materials that were sent to the B12 presidents regarding usf? It looked like it was compiled by a freshman. Spelling mistakes, hyping non-existent stats, it was bad. Memphis thought the ink was dry during that whole fiasco. If anyone was going to be selected, it was going to be Cincinnati and BYU.
  4. Dead. Can you elaborate why it wouldn't be and then explain what would be considered a step up?
  5. Can you tell me the last team that had a 7-6 record with 6 straight losses at the end of the season with a team that gave up on their head coach - yet, the same exact HC who lost the team went back and did much better the following year? usf is going to face lots of adversity next year and it won't take much for that same kind of quit to occur. The curses of being a home owner, am I right? Wait... even with McDonalds raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour, it's unlikely you could afford anything other than a trailer.
  6. I mean I bet you could also throw a pigskin a quarter mile.
  7. How can it possibly be considered a step down? You didn't win the Big East a single time, so winning the AAC would be a step in any direction but down. Winning your conference should be the #1 objective and goal as a fan. Many on here do not think that way. Puc specifically has such unrealistic expectations, he is one of the sole reasons I come to this board. Cracks me up every time.
  8. Kind of like it was with CUSA and is for the AAC, but that's a foreign concept for you . How was your second 10 win season in school history? That sure must have been pretty neat. Up there with #2 for a week, am I right?
  9. Looks like the strawman argument is your forte since actually addressing anything discussed would require you to address reality. Well, if you're offering - who am I to refuse?
  10. Because never has a usf fan gone to the UCF board and made a post.....
  11. Begging to accept you? Accept what? usf has literally accomplished nothing of note. Why would a team who is light years ahead in terms of accomplishments need any kind of acknowledgement from you or your program? I know you're one of the few ones that are so far off your rocker that you actually believe what you write. But the reality is, you're in the AAC and an AAC conference championship would be the pinnacle accomplishment of your program. For UCF, that would just be another trophy at this point. Your program didn't give a handup to anyone. usf did everything in their power to stop UCF from rising up and when you all got passed up for Pitt and Rutgers, let that sink it - PITT and RUTGERS were deemed better choices. If anything, usf was instrumental in destroying the big east. usf has had ZERO influence on anything UCF related - when realignment is discussed, it's usf that has to cling onto UCF as a pair because usf as a standalone program is quite frankly a dumpster fire. So get over your elitist BS. Every jump UCF has made, they've dominated that conference they've been in. Every conference usf has been, they've yet to win a single thing. So I believe the words you're looking for is - you're welcome. You're welcome for being in a conference that has members who actually do something than underachieve and elevate the conference for you all.
  12. Newsflash, so will you. The difference between the two programs - one earns what they get, the other wishes on a pipe-dream.
  13. It's a little slow during the offseason, so I decided to come see if I could get a quick laugh. You all never fail to disappoint. There are three constants on this board at any given time. 1. Hyper-inflated expectations (beating GT, Wisc, UCF) after coach strong went into a nose dive and lost the team, AND got embarrassed by Marshall. Yet some how in the off-season, all the woes were magically erased by hiring a different OC. Hint: You can only blame so much on an OC. 2. **** talk about the AAC being beneath usf even though for something to be beneath you, you would have to - you know, actually win it and consistently, neither of which appears to be happening any time soon. I'm not sure if it's the usf education, or something in the water in West Florida, but in the real world - people aren't promoted at work for vastly underachieving. And yet many are so fixated on getting out of the conference that they don't realize there has to be a reason for that to occur. This is probably the most hilarious while simultaneously baffling concept for me that there can be THAT many who think this way. 3. A circle jerk about CJL reliving the glory days of beating the powerhouses of WVU and the like, a decade ago before falling back into mediocrity. Oh excuse me I almost forgot west florida was #2 for a week over a decade ago. I will agree that the War on I4 is a joke. The only thing that matters is the W in football. But don't get it twisted, usf isn't anchored to UCF in anyway. One program actually has a resume and should be a candidate for expansion. The other thinks they should inherit "just because" well, you know #2 for a week.
  14. Did you read through that thread? Looks like there are just as many if not more LSU fans "ready to shut UCF up", "Do what Auburn couldn't do" and "For a 3 loss team, that's pretty entitled thinking" than there are, "This is a meaningless bowl game so let's just surrender now". If you think Ed Orgeron is going to let his team get humiliated after what happened to Auburn and potentially jeopardize his HC career, then I don't know what to tell you.
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