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  1. Is this your version of TripleB'ing the conversation? This is a usf board, the whole comment showed parallel's between UCF and usf. God forbid I used "you guys" and didn't specifically say usf. My fault. I forgot this audience can't think past the literal, and even that is debatable. Especially when you make up things like being "often wrong" after you have been bombarded with facts that prove otherwise. Then again, you did say you live in your own world and I guess that involves denying the obvious.
  2. Let me break it down further since it's clear you're misinterpreting. When Footnfan1 offered his opinion, and I said you guys. You guys didn't mean footnfan1's team. You guys meant usf. Why that's difficult to understand is beyond me.
  3. Puc, I know I have to break down everything for you as well. Like why it's irrelevant who Footnfan1 roots for. He offered an opinion, and I explained in detail why it was an inaccurate one. I never questioned TripleB's emoji or inquired about it. Paranoid much?
  4. Uhh.. You scored with 11 seconds left on the clock after the game was essentially over and you were up by 10. It was a deliberate move to run up the score. But feel free to justify it however you want.
  5. I don't think that's tantamount to crying. When the game is won and the time is just about up, teams with a little bit of class don't continue trying to run up the score. Frost being the OC at Oregon for several years probably wasn't used to seeing other teams pulling $h*t like that. Call it what you will, it's a rivalry game, but what he said wasn't unwarranted. We could have just as easily done the same in 2018 with the game in hand. We had 55 seconds left and could have just as easily ran 4 plays. But Heupel called the game.
  6. While it's true Frost had George O'Leary players, he also had plenty of his holes to fill when he came in that he did with his own recruits. There were plenty that were directly responsible for the win. McKenzie Milton was one of those. Furthermore, the team had effectively mailed it in and he had to sift through the not good enough (NGE). Then he had to do a complete culture change. We changed defensive schemes from a 4:3 to a 3:4, the offense went from Pro style to Oregon tempo. It wasn't a complete rebuild but it was light years compared to what Strong inherited with Taggart's recruits. You guys are going to see first hand the growing pains from going from an anemic offense to what Bell is trying to install. There is 100% a learning curve. Whereas when Strong came in, you guys actually dumbed down the playbook. The transition was far easier.
  7. Actually, there isn't a pretty good chance the gap will widen. I have no doubt Kerwin Bell is going to do good things for your offense, but UCF has consistently had better recruiting classes, Strong is 0-3 vs UCF and we landed a QB that is light years ahead of whatever QB you guys have/will have. Heupel is locked in for for another 2 years before his buyout is somewhat palatable which means stability in recruiting and confidence in the staff by the players. I can see us starting with Wimbush but our true Freshman QB Dillon Gabriel will end up becoming the starter at some point because he has Trevor Lawrence level swagger. Heupel was a Heisman QB, he knows how to coach QB's. Dillon Gabriel is absolutely going to be a machine. We have one of if not the best offensive line in the conference and we just got some studs on the D-line. You guys have a tough start and a tough finish, that should play nicely in our favor.
  8. I didn't discount it. I just find it hilarious that you think you're two wins this decade is impressive. One was a freebie (2015) and 2016 was a 1 score game at half-time. Given the circumstances that the team came off a winless season and had a brand new coach, I would say it was pretty impressive that they managed to hold the game that close until you guys pulled away in the second half. I was expecting a much more lopsided game. Are you insinuating that because Strong came in 2017, that is comparable to our 2016 situation? Strong inherited an 11-2 team with the best QB (Quinton Flowers) you guys have ever had. Frost had a true Freshman QB and basically had to rebuild the team from scratch. Where is this proof this proof that he cried about it afterwards?
  9. You're bragging about a 48-31 win after coming off a winless season and having a new coach? Ok. UCF fans are fully aware that this could be a down year depending on how Wimbush performs. But in no way do I think we lose more then 3-4 games this year. We also have a freshman QB that is outperforming a senior that put Tua/KZ to shame in stats. As long as you don't take him out as well, there is a good chance UCF ends up with the overall record in the next 3-4 years.
  10. Tell that to Scott Frost who turned down multiple P5 programs to come to UCF. Coaches are willing to come to G5 teams where the probability of winning is higher due to recruiting advantages; than settling for cellar dwellar programs like Wake and and Vanderbilt that have little to no chance of being successful. And no, none of the teams I mentioned are relevant or have been relevant 30+ years. Also in case you missed it the first time, stadium cost is not proportional to the money spent versus what you get. Are more expensive stadiums nicer? Sure. Are they exponentially nicer? Nope. The only success Baylor had was eviscerated by the 2013 UCF team before falling back to mediocrity. Football might by cyclical but in the history of your program, you have never won a BCS/NY6, Conference championship, division title or anything of note. So I guess you're right, that cycle continues on and on.
  11. You should be sorry. You have 2 more overall wins on our program. And yet, there isn't a single bull on this board that if afforded the opportunity to trade those 2 extra wins for all the hardware we've acquired, the notoriety from the national media, GameDay visiting the campus and the prestige of the program, would they elect to hold onto those wins. So yes, your point is moot. But, continue holding onto the overall record as if that trumps the latter. Meanwhile, the trend based on what is actually happening now and going forward shows that we are better positioned to maintain the success. But wait, pardon me, you guys have a new division II OC that is going to not only wipe away your abysmal 6 game losing spree, and now you're going to beat all your hard games without his offense being played vs a single Division I team. You'll have to excuse me while I let out a hearty chortle. We beat you all badly with a backup QB who had next to no game experience. And the player you guys took out last year? He'll be on the sideline juicing up the team come black Friday. Our coach cried about it? Looks like you beat us good in 2015. The same year our HC quit several games before we played you. Congratulations, dominating a winless team without a HC. I guess you'll have to take the small victories as you get them. Don't forget, you guys also are the national champs in mascots!
  12. I don't buy that for a second. Rutgers is never going to accomplish anything other than being a doormat. Same goes for Vandy, Duke, Wake Forest, Baylor, Iowa State and the list goes on and on ... Some P5 are P5 in name only. I don't know of a single person that would rather watch their team strive to be bowl eligible as a barometer of success versus be in the national spotlight being undefeated and constantly on the lips of ESPN. As far as things looking bleak, I agree there is more of a separation occurring more than ever before. In the end, I think the playoffs will expand to 16 and the glass ceiling won't be so low as it is now. It is true that more money allows for a multitude of advantages, it is not the primary thing the equates to success. Geographic location, smart investments into athletics and good hires are far more important than having more money than you know what to do with it.
  13. And yet in this decade we are 4-2 with a high probability of being 5-2. Enjoy the record while it lasts. We also have dominated you every War and I4 since it's inception. The pendulum has completely shifted and you're living in the past recalling the glory days.
  14. UCF beat Baylor and Auburn and almost LSU with a fraction of the resources they have. Money isn't synonymous with records. Look at Texas, they make more money than any other program and its a landslide. They haven't been relevant since the early 2000's. There are too many P5 programs to list that literally have ZERO to show for the massive amount of money they generate. If UCF didn't win in 2017, there is no doubt in my mind you guys would have had a great shot at downing Auburn.
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