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  1. Probably because you, among others, lack the ability to objectively think. So your forced make excuses for the state of your program. Which explains why you resort to juvenile name calling. It's ok, we've got a few children on our board as well. Worse yet, "Kanigit" is probably the worst attempt i've seen at a slight and if said in real life, i'd honestly be embarrassed for you.
  2. So instead of countering any point I made, you change the subject. Starting to see a pattern here.
  3. As was mentioned previously, but i'll be more than happy to repeat it - can you quantify what "anything near the same intensity" means and then tell everyone how much less impressive of a win that was, or even if that win doesn't even count? If it was up to you, why even play college football? You have teams in every bowl that would rather play someone else. Since that is the case every single season, all underdogs that win bowl games should automatically discount their wins because the other team didn't have the same level of intensity? Talk about a myopic and incredibly unintelligent comment. "As you have said before, ucf is a .500 team in the SEC", based on what? UCF's current recruits? the 2017 recruits? SEC recruits? Since UCF hasn't played in the SEC or had an SEC schedule, you mean your opinion is that they would be a .500 SEC team? What teams that UF plays this year or last year would UCF 100% lose to? Your argument is nothing short of ridiculous. But i'll bite. Even if they only won .500, that is with how much less revenue, recruiting power, facility upgrades etc as UF... at $2 million per year. I'd say that is pretty **** impressive.
  4. Notice anywhere in those quotes Alabama would have won if UCF got into the College Playoff Invitational? No? I don't either. That being said, of course he's going to advocate that you need to win the CFP to be considered a national champion. Why would he not? He's at Nebraska and doesn't want to upset the applecart now that he has a clear shot to getting there. The idea that you have to win the CFP to be a national champion only makes sense if every D1 team legitimately has a path to get there. That's obviously is not the case. Besides, let's not pretend that a host of other teams haven't made a similar proclamation that they are National Champs, all the while accomplishing far less. Yet, because of this divide created by ESPN - now all the sudden, that can't be done anymore. How convenient.
  5. Stating that "I can't fix what you don't understand" is a lazy way of saying, I don't have the intellectual capacity to refute your points, so to save face, I am going to red herring my way out of it. Again, that's fine.
  6. What I read is, I don't have a rebuttal. Which is fine.
  7. Your logic is completely flawed with this. You make the assumption that it's a guarantee that Alabama would beat UCF. On paper, Houston shouldn't have beat usf and yet they did. We watch the sport because, honestly - anything can happen. All the experts picked Auburn to win the game, because on paper - they have far more highly regarded athletes. If you want to sit here and state that because you THINK one team is superior, and therefore that is reality - I'd love to know how much money you bet and win every year. Since you seem to know the outcomes of games that haven't yet been played.
  8. So because they went into that game with a lesser "mental edge", that discounts the achievement? Can you quantify just how much of that mental edge was lowered? No? So what we have is a statement (opinion), that you believe the win has been somehow tarnished because of some un-quantifiable diminished mental edge and therefore we should all believe that Auburn's win is less impressive. Got it. UCF had a great year, but it symbolized something greater than the team itself - that no matter what you do, the College Playoff Invitational is out of reach. While I fully recognize rooting for a G5 team, especially UCF is unthinkable for you -- you should be happy as hell that it's them that has raised the flag of National Champions and are rocking the establishment. If usf ever gets in a similar position, at least UCF has laid the groundwork for more respect to be given. UCF won the Fiesta Bowl in 2014, guess how much press they got after that? Barely anything. Something has to change, otherwise what is usf or anyone outside the p5 playing for? Surely you can at least agree to that.
  9. Naive? No, but winning leads to increased attendance and TV ratings. It leads to increased revenue through season tickets, and merchandise - which every G5 program needs. It also increases brand perception nationally which will become instrumental when conference realignment happens in ~2023 and if you think winning the AAC and NY6 is meaningless and has no bearing on who gets a seat when the chairs begin to move then that brings me great joy. In fact, you guys think the AAC is bad now? Wait till the best teams get poached and you really are left in a CUSA level conference. Even if it is the AAC 2.0 and UCF goes to the B12 with a watered down product with Texas/OU leaving, its still far better than being stuck with Tulsa/Tulane. Regarding Auburn, no one on this board has any idea what the players or coaches really thought. I provided actual statements from the horses mouth, and you in turn argue against them with nothing other than your opinion. Congrats. You just lost.
  10. No, you're right Brass - pardon me. Even though I pulled direct quotes from the Auburn team, you clearly know their motivation and intentions better than they do. How dare I question your all knowing. Let me guess, FSU lost to Houston because they didn't want to be there, Baylor lost to UCF in 2014 because they didn't want to be there. Boise has a history of beating P5 teams, yet the ONLY reason they win those games is because every team that loses doesn't want to be there. Am I right? According to the experts, UCF had no chance to win that game, motivation or not. In fact, Auburn should have been able to play their third string players and blow us out. Oh but if usf was in that game, everything would have been different! Right?
  11. Interesting theory. You mean the same coach who abandoned his undefeated team to go to Nebraska? The players willed themselves to win against Auburn. I take nothing away from him, he is an amazing coach and will most likely make Nebraska relevant again, but you are delusional if you think Scott Frost's game planning is the only reason for winning. Let me guess, you also believe Coach Strong is the reason you guys went 11-2. QF willed the team to victories far more than any your coaches. That was clearly evident if you went to the UCF vs usf game last year. The jury is out on our new Coach, but having arguably the best QB in College Football should make growing pains palatable. There is a reason UCF is favored to win it all again. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2018-aac-win-total-picks-predictions-will-ucf-and-memphis-play-for-it-all-again/
  12. A team that didn't want to be there? Tell that to Adrian Killins... I am sure Auburn would rather have played in the college playoff invitational, there was PLENTY of smack talk prior to the game and to think for a second they didn't want to win that game is absolutely ridiculous. There own players admitted that was not the case. You don't DDT a player because you aren't motivated to win. "“Nah, not at all. We respected them,” Davis said. “We knew they were a good team. You have to respect the last undefeated team in college football. They had the No. 1 offense. We knew what we were getting into, we knew we had our hands full. They found a way to make plays and found a way to win the game.” “Their quarterback is a great player,” Holland said. “He reminds me of [Oklahoma quarterback] Baker Mayfield a lot. They had a good game plan.” https://www.seccountry.com/auburn/auburn-football-defense-peach-bowl-loss-ucf-mckenzie-milton "First of all, like to congratulate Central Florida and Coach Frost, very good football team. They played very good today.” “Just with us, you know, looking back at the whole game, the first half was very uncharacteristic. You know, we had one of our worst halves that we’ve had all year and that was disappointing. I think we were sacked five times on offense. We had six penalties. That was very uncharacteristic. I am proud of our team. They fought back in the second half, and you know, hats off to their quarterback. - Coach Malazhan No where in these quotes did he mention that the team didn't want to be there or thought UCF was beneath them. But sure, if it helps you reconcile that UCF ripped your year to actually win something, go for it. I'd be willing to bet had usf done what UCF did in the Peach Bowl, it would have been a completely different story in your head about Auburn's motivation.
  13. While going winless is pretty **** humiliating, it also served as a catalyst to fire Brent Key; forced George O'Leary into retirement and hire Scott Frost. Without it, there is a high probability that UCF would have tail spun into mediocrity similar to your Skip Holtz era. I'll take the winless season in exchange for what was essentially a revival of the program hiring Danny White and Scott Frost. Between the undefeated season and on track to compete for the title again for this year/NY6, i'll take it any day and so would any realistic usf fan. Honest question, does saying "gnat" or any other derivative of Knight in a derogatory manner make you feel better? You know who else comes up with juvenile nicknames? My kids. But please, continue on as an adult acting like a child. I've heard about usf fans having a select few that can look at things objectively, refreshing to see proof with my own eyes. Brad, You mentioned that I have a revisionist history, care to expound on what exactly you are referring to? I'd love to hear it.
  14. Thank you. Someone actually went to USF and has reading comprehension. Must have been a graduate student. I do not dismiss those losses as not counting; what I am saying is now that both teams are on a level playing field - usf is trending down and that just like your #2 ranking, you all hold dearly to the overall record as if that is an accurate barometer of being superior to UCF. The reality is, outside of our two schools - nobody gives a ****. What people do care about are winners and if you think usf is above the AAC - why haven't they dominated it? The reality is that the AAC has a better record in NY6 bowls and has done just as well if not better against the p5 than the Big East. But so many of your delusional fans hang on to the "glory days" that facts get in the way. The reality is, come conference realignment - if you aren't destroying teams now, why would anyone pick you all to join the big boy table?
  15. I read the 30+ page trainwreck and just wanted to say thank you. It's clear why the real reason USF fanbase is in the tank. Comments about how some think you have a real chance to win the conference when it couldn't be done with the best team USF has ever fielded. How delusional. The smack talk about being .500 with UCF is also hilarious. So far the score is 3-2 with a high probability of decimating you guys this year making it 4-2, yet you clamor to a meaningless set of 4-0 wins when you had a BCS conference headstart in recruiting. And don't get me started on the #2 ranking for a week that usf fell into - as the crowning achievement of your program. I also want to thank the genius who said the AAC was the best conference UCF has ever been in. Yet in the first year of coming over we took that conference championship and BCS bowl - something USF had a decade to work with and didn't do. Lastly, many of you talk about playing W. Virginia like they were Alabama. It's W. freaking Virginia. A nobody that has moved onto even more obscurity if that was possible. Again, thanks for the laughs. Only a usf fan can be as delusional as thinking you all deserve to be in a p5 conference after accomplishing literally nothing in 20 years but because you lucked into the BE, some how you all are entitled to it "...just because".