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  1. cfbsmack

    Little Help...

    Lol great insight thanks...and my email on original post will accept the foul ones too...thanks again everyone!
  2. cfbsmack

    Little Help...

    Maybe USF is one of those schools having many DESPISED opponents? If you think of any nicknames worthy of repeating please do...and I appreciate your help!
  3. cfbsmack

    Little Help...

    U Can't Finish-now we're getting somewhere! I understand that every school fan base has multiple teams they consider rivals...I guess I'm looking for the one you absolutely DESPISE as a fan base and what are yous calling them when you are with your friends and bashing them so to speak?
  4. cfbsmack

    Little Help...

    Thanks everyone I appreciate the responses...UCF seems to believe USF is main rival...looks like they have some interesting nicknames as well(albeit very harmless). Any good nicknames?!
  5. cfbsmack

    Little Help...

    Lol undersand... that but I promise it is not...UCF fans responded with some info and said USF was main rival? It's a little more difficult to get good info on some of the smaller(fan base) football schools as fan base is very localized. Also if you may know of an individual willing to spill some info that;s great too. Most fans can't wait to rip into their rival lol.
  6. Doing research on fans...need to know who your MAIN rival is and ALL nicknames or slogans used to describe them. Please do not hold back as I will be asking your rival for the same assistance! Any information obtained will be cited as "anonymous sources" as information is common knowledge within your fan base. E-mail me (cfbsmack@gmail.com) if you feel some of it may be unsuitable for sensitive viewers. Thanks for any cooperation!