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  1. I love to hate you Bulls. Being a UCF fan since before you had a football program I loathed your ascent to 1A, quickly passing us to join a BCS league, whipping our ass that one year, our winless seasons, yada yada yada. For all that, I take no joy in your misery (well, maybe just a little). I long for another game when the good guys score on a game winning kick off return. When both teams are playing for meaning on rivalry weekend. Even in the last winless season, I felt it was not all doom for UCF. The stars had aligned in some weird way that had a cascade effect for the season but we could turn it around and they did. This mess you are in seems different and the path to turnaround doesn't seem inevitable. I hope I am wrong. In the mean time, kicking a dead horse seems a little cruel so goodbye and good luck.
  2. You could. Just put it on wheels since you don't have a stadium to keep it. Hey, tell me about that time 12 years ago when you were good for a few weeks. That never gets old.
  3. CCS was found criminally negligent in the death of your football program.
  4. As a UCF fan, I would just like to say that I think you guys are doing a great job. You should definitely keep doing what your doing.
  5. Loser mentality. If you want to add requirements that schools must meet to qualify for D1A status, that is fine. A requirement cant be, you must belong to my conference and there are no more seats at the table.
  6. And your idea for a fair and equatable playoff that doesn't have teams playing until spring of the following year is what? Note: I'll stop listening when you mention poll or committee.
  7. Your butthurt over UCF success brings a smile to my face. You have no reasonable retort.
  8. My point about the NFL was if you win a division you are in the playoff. There is no opinion involved and no contested champion. Obviously with 130 NCAAFB teams you need to have some type of limiting factor because we can't play games until Mid-February. If you are not a conference champion you should not have a path to the playoff.
  9. You don't need a wildcard. If you didn't win your conference you don't need to play for the Championship. If a 3 or 4 loss team wins the conference they are either in a very tough conference or a very weak one. Regardless, the playoff would answer the question on the field instead of a meeting room.
  10. So? The process seems to work fine for the NFL. If you don’t think this is about $$$ you are being naive.
  11. You are wrong. A committee sitting behind closed doors determining who participates in a 'playoff' from a subset of schools is the definition of opinion. But that's ok, I fully support ADDW's stance as he is furthering the conversation with our title claim. Something that I think that will benefit all G5 schools in the long-run. If someone doesn't like it, they should have beaten us.
  12. You are entitled to your opinion that UCF lays no claim to a National Title, regardless we are undefeated. UCF is entitled to their opinion they are entitled to the Nation Champion for all the reasons that have been stated. Lastly, the CFP is entitled to their opinion of who should be the National Championship based on their madeup select criteria. As far as I am concerned, that is the problem with the system. It is based solely on opinion. The CFP is an Invitational and not a Playoff. Until you get a REAL playoff, this will be a continued problem. It only took 4 years to get into this situation. The solution seems simple to me. Expand the playoff to only include conference champions. The reason this wont happen is because the P5 would be forced to share the revenue from these bowls with other conferences. Their greed is unfairly harming a large swath of student athletes.
  13. It's bizarre this has to be pointed out, but yes, there is such a thing as bad publicity when you are a r@pist. We are talking about the UCF AD pointing out a flawed system that benefits a select group and harms a large number of student athletes. Equating that to a couple of rapists is weird to say the least.
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