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  1. I read a series of three articles from the Oracle. Someone posted had link to it on one of the blogs. I can't find it now. I think it was in the Conf. Rumors and Tweet post. The Oracle article was written in a series of three posts and each post was written by a different person associated with the school. The second post was from a former Prof that mentioned the relationship between Tampa ans USF was not the best. Can someone find it and repost that link?
  2. I know this is a study. However, in another blog post it was mentioned that USF does not have good ties with the City of Tampa. Here is an opportunity to change that. I originally wanted the stadium over by the Sun Dome. Now I am rethinking that for the corner of Fowler and Bruce B downs. If USF add the stadium there it is making more sense to add some pedestrian overpasses. Just like the one by MOSI. This allows for walking to the Yeungling Brewery, the Mall, and other restaurants. The better the area the more tax dollars for the City. There needs to be a comprehensive partnership between USF and Tampa.
  3. I noticed the article gave a nod toward Rhea Law who is the interim President. His athletic vision is in alignment with MK and CJS. This is a positive note to me.
  4. Best Intro video we have ever had. It got the most cheers after breaking the last crate. We had a positive thing but the next year someone changed it. It seems to me everytime we start some minor positive thing that could possibly turn into a tradition. It gets changed the next year. This only thing we have half kept is Hit Hootie. It used to be at the end of the 1st Qtr and then Rocky would tackle Hootie. They ho-hum this semi tradition to what it is today.
  5. Except, for some Tweet from some bozo has there been any other legitimate news agencies reporting these talks? Please provide a link.
  6. I have a question. In the coaching job field is it an acceptable practice to leave a program for another right before a big event? In the case the strength conditioning and Spring football. I would think this practice would burn bridges, but it seems to happen all the time in football. In the normal business world this would be a major bridge burning situation.
  7. Dungy is paid by NBC. Which is the Nother Dame Broadcasting Channel.
  8. I say this is the result of bad recruiting or should I say no recruiting under the CCS years. Now ND has the momentum they are playing down hill. We look like we're playing uphill in quicksand.
  9. I agree our own Bull on campus would be cool. But the animal rights people would be ticked.
  10. I agree some of the older Golden Brahman on a baseball jersey would be cool. Sorta like the A's.
  11. Or how about this logo on one side of a green helmet. Leave the other side blank.
  12. I watch the game on cable. The WBB team looked awesome. Great job ladies! GO BULLS!
  13. I have seen concept photos of the IPF . Does anyone know where it is going exactly? Have they announced?
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