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  1. I have a question. In the coaching job field is it an acceptable practice to leave a program for another right before a big event? In the case the strength conditioning and Spring football. I would think this practice would burn bridges, but it seems to happen all the time in football. In the normal business world this would be a major bridge burning situation.
  2. Dungy is paid by NBC. Which is the Nother Dame Broadcasting Channel.
  3. I say this is the result of bad recruiting or should I say no recruiting under the CCS years. Now ND has the momentum they are playing down hill. We look like we're playing uphill in quicksand.
  4. I agree our own Bull on campus would be cool. But the animal rights people would be ticked.
  5. I agree some of the older Golden Brahman on a baseball jersey would be cool. Sorta like the A's.
  6. Or how about this logo on one side of a green helmet. Leave the other side blank.
  7. I watch the game on cable. The WBB team looked awesome. Great job ladies! GO BULLS!
  8. I have seen concept photos of the IPF . Does anyone know where it is going exactly? Have they announced?
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