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  1. You have to give McClain the start, and see how he comes into the game as a starter versus off the bench. Jeff Scott has his blinders on if Fortin starts again.
  2. I heard he will be on the sideline this weekend against UF.
  3. I hope he has all the power and money and does beautiful things.
  4. Never heard of this guy and now he is trying to get it done all at once. I like it but where did he come from?
  5. If we start building it today there is a good chance we will be good again or bad. In 2017 I wasn’t expecting that we would be this bad in 2021. Things happen quick here.
  6. I had to unfollow that Nathan Bond guy on Twitter.
  7. Idk your marital situation, but maybe man. Being married in a mansion instead of a 1000sf 2-1 would probs make it easier. It will always be his Baby. That is the point.
  8. Regarding time passing. I think two years ago would have been better, but it would have been too soon prior to strong failing miserably. I liked the idea of Jeff Scott but he does not bring the energy like Leavitt and Willy.
  9. At this point Jim might be the only guy that would want to come into this dumpster fire.
  10. He is the only coach that cared about this progrum. He took USF to the glory days with a trailer. Giving him the IPF he will make us great. talk about it.
  11. I personally stopped following that Nathan character. A bit of a clown if you ask me.
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