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  1. Kevin Ellerbrock

    Will we have enough players next year?

    That's not strong.
  2. I thought we added Wichita State for Men's basketball? I love how hard this team plays. Lunch pails and hard hats.
  3. Kevin Ellerbrock

    Injury Report

    It could be worth MILLIONS for Oliver to sit and not risk further injury though. He's a top 5 pick at present. Doesn't need to put that in jeopardy for a game that won't decide Houston's fate in the division.
  4. 1) South Florida 2) 31-28 3) Jordan Cronkrite 4) Randall St Felix 5) 605
  5. Kevin Ellerbrock

    USF FPI ... surprises

    I'm fine with all except for Cincy. It would take a drastic improvement over one year for them to beat us. I just think the gap is too wide at the moment.
  6. Kevin Ellerbrock

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    As long as we keep winning, I say we wear the green uniforms with gold helmets for eternity.
  7. 1) South Florida2) 45 - 243) Barnett4) Tyre McCants5) 520
  8. Kevin Ellerbrock

    Unis Look Nice on TV

    The gold helmets looked amazing at RayJay!