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  1. I thought we added Wichita State for Men's basketball? I love how hard this team plays. Lunch pails and hard hats.
  2. It could be worth MILLIONS for Oliver to sit and not risk further injury though. He's a top 5 pick at present. Doesn't need to put that in jeopardy for a game that won't decide Houston's fate in the division.
  3. 1) South Florida 2) 31-28 3) Jordan Cronkrite 4) Randall St Felix 5) 605
  4. I'm fine with all except for Cincy. It would take a drastic improvement over one year for them to beat us. I just think the gap is too wide at the moment.
  5. As long as we keep winning, I say we wear the green uniforms with gold helmets for eternity.
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